14 Amazing Ways To Repurpose An Old Door

14 Amazing Ways To Repurpose An Old Door

Are you the kind of person that hates to throw anything out? The kind of person who spends all of their time browsing Pinterest for amazing creative projects that will make use of things you don’t want to throw away? Well boy is this the article for you! We’ve found 14 amazing creative projects that will help you to repurpose an old door and give it a new lease of life. Grab your hammer and nails and a fresh coat of paint and let’s change that old door into a gorgeous new piece of furniture!

1. Bedside Table

You honestly wouldn’t know that this is a home-made craft piece! It looks professionally made and would look perfect in any bedroom. And it’s got plenty of storage space, which is exactly what you need next to your bed!

2. Foldaway table

If your home is a little cramped but you still want somewhere to sit down and eat or a desk to work at, this is the perfect solution! Just fold it down when you need it and close it back up again when you’re done, genius!

3. Coffee Table with Storage

Okay, so this is technically half a door but it still counts in my eyes! And it’s the perfect piece for any shabby chic interior!

4. Hanging Porch Swing

This project used a door and a table, so it’s an especially good project for when you’re refurbishing a whole room and don’t want the old furniture to go to waste. And who doesn’t love a porch swing?

5. Outdoor Bar

I’d have a bar in every room of my house if people wouldn’t make assumptions about how I live my life, and I think this has just persuaded me that I need an outdoor bar too! Anyone have an old door I can make this from?

6. Hanging Table

This project would be perfect for picnics or garden parties or any outdoor event that needs a table but doesn’t exactly have the most stable ground for one.

7. Photo display

The perfect place to display all of your favourite snaps, the lighting built into this door display just makes it even prettier!

8. Chalkboard organiser

You’ll never miss an appointment again with this in your home! It would also be great in a kitchen for those who love a good meal plan.

9. Storage bench

This would be great for just inside your front door, the perfect place to hang hats, coats, bags and whatever else you could want!

10. Corner shelf

This is a bit of an advanced project but boy does it pay off! I love the bright blue of the finished shelf but you could go with any colour that would suit your decor.

11. Bookshelf

This is a much easier option for a shelf, for those of us who aren’t crafting wizards. Simpler, but just as effective!

12. Entryway Organiser

Another great piece of furniture to sit in the entrance of your home, this is a great place to store keys and shoes, and just a good place to leave messages for your family.

13. Hanging planter

Perfect for an avid gardener, this old door will look blooming beautiful by Spring time!

14. Sliding door bar

Opening this sliding bar will make you feel like James Bond and a crafting wizard all rolled up into one. Martini, shaken not stirred!

What’s your favourite creative DIY project? Are you a Pinterest project queen? Let us know all about it in the comments and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family.