20+ Incredible Images Demonstrating the Passage of Time

20+ Incredible Images Demonstrating the Passage of Time

1. Layers and layers and layers

2. I’m good for aspirin, thanks…

This person’s dad kept a bottle of child aspirin, that his child has used, for over 40 years. I’m sure there were better thing he could’ve kept to remind him of those happy times. Yuck.

3. Pillow talk

4. Keep on truckin’

An amazing picture of the damage caused to this man’s face after he worked as a trucker for over 25 years. I find this one quite tragic. It’s amazing what people put themselves through in order to provide for their families.

5. That’s dedication

6. Pipe down

This is what 6 months of mineral buildup in a pipe looks like. I don’t envy whoever had to clean that out.

7. This can had been sitting in a cup holder for two years.

8. Not my bag

9. Yes, we have no bananas

Apparently, this dad found this banana in the pocket of a ski jacket that he hadn’t worn for about 10 years. If it was out in the open air, it would’ve disintegrated in days. I can’t imagine what that thing must smell like.

10. Shoe-in

11. Decade-old candy

12. Lock and key

Apparently, this key had been left in a lock since 1982. But the person who uploaded it didn’t explain why, which was frustrating.

13. Giraffe two?

14. The markings of boredom

15. You’re never alone with a phone

When you’ve forgotten all about your old phone, but your jeans want you to remember the good times you had together..

16. This deodorant was opened 3 years after it was purchased.

 We tend to be very lax on use-by dates when it comes to cosmetic products. However, this 3-year-old deodorant stick will probably make you want to rethink that.

17. “We still have this small pumpkin my wife carved 3 years ago.”

18. Some things never change

19. Cemented in place

20. Chin chin!

21. Ah yes, I remember it well

I hope you’ve enjoyed this gallery. Which picture was your favourite? Let us know in the comments!