13 Signs That Our Eyes Can Tell Us About Our Overall Health

13 Signs That Our Eyes Can Tell Us About Our Overall Health

11. Eye dryness

This might happen if you stare at the computer for a long time, or sometimes your eyes may become dry due to hormonal changes or arthritis. This is something of an occupational hazard for office workers or day traders – professions which involve using screens all day.

12. Lumps on the eyelid

A stye can develop as a result of clogging and infection of the eyelash follicle. This can be prevented by washing out your eyes regularly with lukewarm water, as well as changing your pillowcase regularly to avoid this and other infection issues.

13. Eye pain

A more general complaint here, but it can be very disconcerting and worrying when we start to get random pain in one or both eyes.

Whether the pain is sporadic (every now and then) or chronic (continuing constantly and/or for a long period of time), eye pain can be attributed to glaucoma, conjunctivitis or migraines.

I hope you’ve found this list helpful and informative, but remember folks, I’m not a doctor! These are just pointers. If you’re concerned that you might be suffering from any of the ailments mentioned above, you should consult a medical professional.

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