13 Signs That Our Eyes Can Tell Us About Our Overall Health

13 Signs That Our Eyes Can Tell Us About Our Overall Health

3. Bulging eyes

Some people are born with slightly bulbous eyes, or it can come about as a result of a stigmatism. However, if you haven’t had this problem before, bulging eyes might be an indicator of the condition hyperthyroidism.

This occurs when your thyroid gland starts to create too much thyroxine and triiodothyronine. If this is the case, you may experience other symptoms such as weight loss, tremors, hair loss or nervousness.

4. White-yellow spots around the cornea

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The cornea, as depicted above, can offer tell-tale signs of underlying health issues, especially if you notice yellow spots around it.

These deposits may form patches or a ring. It might mean a dramatically high level of cholesterol in the body. It goes without saying that you should look to get that checked out as soon as possible.

5. Difference in pupils


Pupils change naturally in response to light – if you are in a dark room, your pupils will be large and wide. If someone shines a light in your eyes, they will shrink dramatically.

If you notice that your pupils aren’t responding as they should to stimuli, or that one is reacting differently from the other, it could be a sign of a neurological issue – if this is the case, consult your doctor or go to the emergency room.


6. Blurred vision

Blurred vision can be the result of a number of different things, including a trauma to the eyes, or even just laying down on your eye when you go to sleep. However, if it becomes a recurring problem without any of those above, it could be a symptom of diabetes, so go and get yourself a blood test if you’re concerned.


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