13 Pics That’ll Remind You Just How Quickly Time Moves On

13 Pics That’ll Remind You Just How Quickly Time Moves On

Who doesn’t love a trip down memory lane?

After all, our childhoods were a simpler time, filled with building forts and Play-doh. Not council tax and the dreaded 9-5. The biggest worries we had as a kid was things like keeping our Tamagotchi’s alive. 

So, why not revisit those treasured thoughts, just for a minute? Just to rid yourself of those adult-life stresses and strains…

See if you can remember all of these!


1. Building an impenetrable fort that you could only enter if you were part of the ‘club‘ and knew the password

If you haven’t built a fort at least once in your life then really, what were you doing with your childhood?

The bigger they were, the better. Especially if you could use the sofa cushions, as they made for a sturdier foundation.

Image result for after all this time always gif

If I could, I’d still build one now. I’ll never get over the joy of a ‘secret‘ fortress.


2. Thinking you’d won enough tickets to buy the entire shop, when in reality…

The inflation on the ticket values was ridiculous!

You’d be absolutely certain that after spending all day winning what felt like thousands of tickets, you’d be able to get something more interesting than a pen.

Image result for disappointed gif

Only to be dissapointed yet again. Ooo an eraser!


3. Turning the light off at night to reveal the solar system on your ceiling

You weren’t scared of the dark or anything…

It’s just that you took your science education very seriously.

Image result for it's so beautiful gif

Plus the fact that they glowed without electricity just boggled the mind!



4. Struggling to pick which emoji to use

Not so long ago, this was the entire choice you had.

As you can see, things are a little different these days.


Image result for confused gif

And if you’re as old as me, it just makes things even more confusing.



5. Getting overly excited at the thought of visiting this place

Even if you weren’t that into roller skating, coming here was still an experience for the senses.

By using every color in the spectrum, you were instantly overcome with excitement as soon as you walked through the door.

Image result for happy surprised gif

Fortunately, roller rinks like this are still around and look almost identical!


6. Waiting for an eternity for the teacher to set up the slides

Doesn’t this seem like an absolute lifetime ago?

Long gone are the days of painfully watching the teacher fill in the projector sheets.

Image result for thank you dwight gif

When the lesson ended, you felt nothing but relief and gratitude that you made it through without giving up on life.


7. Using your very best hand-writing when filling out the tracklist on a CD

Looking back, this was more effort than it was worth.

ashley olsen eye roll GIF

I mean the chances are, once you’ve listened to the CD a few times, you’ll know each track off by heart anyway.

joan jett youre living in the past its a new generation GIF

So thankfully technology has moved on, as has the music…


8. Having to get your magnifying glass out to find the movie times in the paper

Nowadays we just pull our phones out of our pockets and a couple of taps later, we know what’s on and when.

But, for those old enough to remember, this used to be the only way to know.

Image result for why though? gif

Some newspapers still do this amazingly, keeping the nostalgia levels high.



9. Shout out to Play-doh!

Ah, Play-doh. The savior of the rainy day.

Image result for play-doh gif

It was just so freakin’ versatile and would keep you occupied for hours.

Image result for play-doh gif

It always smelt good too, I can’t have been the only one to give it a taste and immediately regret it?



10. Tamagotchi’s were harder to keep alive than real babies

We’re not playing around anymore here. Tamagotchi’s were a real commitment.

Image result for tamagotchi

These held as much importance as your own real-life siblings.

Image result for it's so important gif

But, it’s cool because it taught you how to care for something and be responsible… sort of.


11. Creating nothing short of a work of art and waiting for it to dry on this

I used to be convinced I was an artist in the making back in my school days. Despite most of my work looking like random scribbles.

Image result for kids school bad paintings

Admittedly, those days were a freakin’ long time ago and I haven’t developed a career in the industry as of yet.

Related image

But, if I can hone my inner Van Gogh, there’s still time!


12. Getting your hands on one of these weapons of mass destruction and tearing up the neighborhood

Boys used to get so aggressive with these. Especially considering they shot out the most pathetic stream of water.

It was like an elderly person spitting at you through a sieve.

Image result for he man i have the power gif

You still felt powerful regardless, until someone brought a bigger water pistol to the battle.


13. You used this to predict everything about the future

90s Kids Memes 3 This is how you predicted the future and solved problems

This was every bit as good as a fortune teller… and then some.

Image result for paper fortune teller gif

Especially when it came to who you fancied, because really you didn’t know, the paper fortune teller knew for you.

Image result for no way gif

Fortunately, if you weren’t happy with the result, you could always just y’know, do it again.


Did any of those take you on a trip back down memory lane? Of course, there are hundreds of things like this that remind us of days gone by, but these were definitely some of the most significant and widespread.

What do you miss from your childhood days? Let me know in the comments!