13 Ideas That You’ll Think Are Stupid At First, But You’ll Quickly Change Your Mind

13 Ideas That You’ll Think Are Stupid At First, But You’ll Quickly Change Your Mind

Since the invention of money, people have gone about their lives… wasting it.

I know, I know… Who am I to tell people how to spend their hard-earned cash right? Besides, looking back on some of the stuff I’ve bought over the years, I’m hardly a shining example of frugality.

But, remember when Flappy Bird got deleted from the App Store and people were buying phones with it on for hundreds of freakin’ thousands?! At least I wasn’t one of those people.

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Fortunately, every now and then someone comes along with an idea that seems pretty stupid at first… but the more you think about it, the more you start to realize it might just be genius. Then, you begin to question why more money isn’t being invested to make it happen!

Take a look and see for yourself!

WARNING: There are high levels of sarcasm present throughout this list.


1. Beefed up security

Ok, so we’re starting on the slightly more unrealistic side of things. But c’mon, you have to admit it would be cool if you headed out to your local mall and the security guards took the form of giant carnivorous lizards? As long as they didn’t come anywhere near you of course.

My only question is: how did they get the sweater on it in the first place?


2. Transformers-style playground

If only this was around when I was a kid! Would probably look a bit weird if I went and just played by myself now…


3. 2 in 1 hairbrush

8 am, 11 am, 12 noon, 3 pm? It’s all good. As long as you’ve got your nifty hairbrush, you can turn a good day into a (blurry) great day. Anywhere!

Warning: this probably isn’t the best of ideas.


4. Upgraded luggage

Gone are the days of trying to be eagle-eyed looking for your suitcase buried within the mountains of bags making their way around the airport conveyor belt. Because there’s absolutely no way you won’t spot this.

Just be careful which picture you choose…



5. Panzerotti passion

This panzerotti place displays the contents of its foods on the top of each individual serving, so you never have to wonder what fillings you’re buying.

Having said that, most places you get these from make them to order so it’s more useful if you somehow forget on the journey home, which isn’t likely… moving on.



6. Kite flying mug

It’s the little things sometimes. By resting your teabag in the little slot, it looks like the man in the image is flying a kite. That’s it. No sarcasm, no anything. It’s not just joke ideas here!


7. BB-8 on the move

If you’re a Star Wars fan, then I’d be surprised if you’re even still reading this. You should be opening a new tab and frantically searching the web to see where you can buy one of these. Go, go now!

Animated GIF


8. Petrol is just too d*mn expensive these days

Some people are born geniuses, others have geniuses thrust upon them. Wait, that sounds weird. If only you were actually allowed to cycle around the grocery store with this, life would be so much simpler. Plus, you wouldn’t find abandoned trollies everywhere so it’d be a win-win.

The only issue is, what to call it? Bike-trolley, trolley-bike? Brolley, no that’s taken. We’ll come back to it…


9. True or false?

This one is probably wasted on you if your school years are a thing of the past. But, sometimes you’ve just got to recognize brilliance when you see it.

There’s no doubt about it, this kid’s going places. If you ever happen to find yourself stuck for answers in a pub quiz, then it could come in handy too.


10. You can now poop with peace of mind

Parents everywhere will be able to testify that trying to use a public toilet with a baby/toddler can be a real freakin’ nightmare. It’s not like you can chase after them if they run off, because your pants are around your ankles and some business needs finishing up first.

Luckily some forward thinking person came up with the idea of putting baby seats in cubicles, so now you can poop without the stress.


11. That’s a funny looking watermelon

Japan has a solution for literally everything these days. Having watermelons shaped into a cube means you’re able to fit it into your fridge with greater ease. Simple.

Thing is, apparently they’re really expensive like this and usually serve more of an ornamental purpose. So, rather than say this is a great idea, we could say ‘they’re onto something here‘.


12. Microwave on the go

Forget about the potential dangers of having an electronic device emit radiation so close to your crotchal region and focus on the idea of having reheated pizza on your journey home from work. Sounds good right?

You’ll have to install it yourself though, just like this guy did. I think it might be a while (never) before car manufacturers put something like this into production.


13. Tattoo cover-ups

You’re always going to get people saying things like “you shouldn’t have got it in the first place“, but mistakes happen. We were all young at some point, we all made bad decisions.

But, if the government pumped more money into correcting mistakes, the country would be a better place for it. So, why not start with something simple like taking the tattoo on the left and turning it into the one on the right?


You see, sometimes the best ideas are the simplest ones and they’re usually staring you in the face! 

What do you make of these hilarious ideas? Let me know in the comments!