13 Crazy Forward Thinking Items You Can Only Find In Japan

13 Crazy Forward Thinking Items You Can Only Find In Japan

Japan is a bit like your friends more romantic, more caring and funnier other half. It always makes you turn to your own country and think “why can’t you be more like them?

They just seem to be able to find their way around obstacles with consummate ease and are better off for it. Look at their trains, for example, bang on time every time. And, if in some disastrous circumstances the train happens to pull in 30 seconds late, the company issues a formal apology to all passengers (I might be exaggerating a touch). Then there’s the tech, which will simply blow your mind.

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In the video game world alone, Japan is lightyears ahead of most countries. But, if that’s not your thing, then there are plenty of other futuristic gadgets and gizmos that will have you thinking “why isn’t my country doing this?!”

Now, I’ve got a confession to make. The items on the list aren’t absolutely exclusive to Japan in every sense of the word. What with the modern Internet, you can get your hands on practically anything if you’re willing to part with enough money. But, in realistic terms, you’d find it pretty freakin’ difficult as they are all readily available in Japan and pretty much nowhere else!

Take a look and see if you’d fancy getting a hold of any of these!


1. Cheerio Sleepion Sleeping Device

Sleep is just great, isn’t it? So it’s incredibly frustrating when you experience difficulty getting to and/or staying in a deep slumber. The people of Japan have got just the thing!

This device sits next to your bed and emits natural feeling candlelight or moonlight, soothing fragrances and relaxing sounds to help you nod off peacefully and stay asleep throughout the night. Unfortunately, you’re going to have to travel to far east Asia to get your hands on one.


2. Hay Fever Micro Current Stick

Hay Fever’s a b*tch. Nobody wants it, lots of people suffer from it… why does it even exist? I mean really? …Introducing the Micro Current Stick which gives off a weak solar-generated electrical current that supposedly relieves the signs of pollen allergies.



Its almost as if every time people say “someone should event something for this“, Japan goes and does it.

The Aromastic is designed as a pick-me-up for Japanese workers having trouble getting through their day. The cylindrical gadget emits an aroma that helps you get to get into a better frame of mind. The scent could be anything from a summer field to freshly baked bread.


4. Deodorizing Clothes Hanger

So, this one might be more of a luxury than a necessity. It does exactly what it says; deodorizes your clothes whilst they hang by releasing “nano-sized negatively charged particles into the air“.

If you’re a naturally smelly person and don’t want to waste your time with silly stuff like showering, washing your clothes and generally looking after your personal hygiene then this is perfect for you.


5. Slim Standing Scanner

Not the most exciting invention, but useful nonetheless. If you work in an office and need to scan things all the time, you’ll know that usually, scanners are large hefty machines that take up half of your desk.

 Check out the King Jim Desk Shot slim standing scanner (a bit of a mouthful), which solves all your scanner needs…


6. Laugh Sensor for Seniors

Bare with us with this one. Basically, this tiny little gizmo is designed to be attached to the clothes of a senior.

It’s called WaratTell and it detects laughter, talks, coughs and so on. Which, gives you a means of tracking how your elderly mother, for example, perceives the world. So, by reading the data, you are able to gauge how happy they are and make changes to their lives if necessary. Genius!


7. Body Odor Checker

Japanese people don’t like body odor, do they? This sensor scans your body for chemicals and alerts you if you have any bad smells and the exact part of your body it’s coming from. No excuses for smelling from now on!



This is absolutely mad! … In a good way. Potentially one of the most ground-breaking weight-loss machines ever created, if they iron out the flaws. It can detect how many calories are in your food by just scanning them to an accuracy range of 20%. With it not always being exact in its calculations, there’s some work to be done with this one. But, if they get it right… Wow.



This might just look like your average portable speaker, but in reality, it’s so much more. It has the ability to charge other devices, works as a water bottle and a flashlight. Plus, if you’re feeling particularly ‘groovy‘ one night, it serves as a lava lamp too!



This neat-looking gizmo (called Greenhouse) supposedly vibrates cans to optimal froth levels so that when you pour into your glass, it’s as if it’s just come straight from the tap. We’ll call this one a ‘luxury’ item.


11. Water Temperature Control Panel

Gone are the days of twiddling with the shower controls for what feels like forever, just to get the right temperature. If you head over to Japan, you’re likely to find one of these panels in your washroom.

It allows you to select the exact temperature and even the volume of water coming out of the showerhead. Which, just sounds magical, to be honest. I’d never get out!


12. Voice Training Silent Karaoke Mic

Such a simple idea, but one that I’m sure would be incredibly popular if it made its way to the states.

The Silent Karaoke Mic allows you to sing along to your favorite tunes (wherever you like!), without being heard… sort of. It dampens your singing by a whopping 70% so that you can go full Mariah Carey whilst sitting on the subway.


13. Hello Kitty Sound Blocker

If you’re a Hello Kitty fan then you’re onto a winner straight away. Aside from the appearance, there’s more to this little keychain than meets the eye.

Believe it or not, it helps you in one of the most awkward public situations there is; pooping. Once the little device is turned on, it is able to fill the room with the noise of running water. So, nobody will know about the stinker you’ve just deposited for the next unknowing person to smell.


Some pretty ingenious ideas there right? I’ll admit some are probably more necessary than others, but they’re all things we could do with over here nonetheless!

What did you make of these inventions? Let me know in the comments!