These 13 Celebrities Look Identical To Younger Versions Of Other Celebs!

These 13 Celebrities Look Identical To Younger Versions Of Other Celebs!

Let’s take a look at some of today’s young stars and compare them with some pictures of our beloved celebrities from their past. When you see them side by side, all of sudden it’s like looking at the same person! I can’t believe how many of look like someone else, years ago! See for yourself:

1. Millie Bobby Brown & Natalie Portman

These two have both even shared the same, bald look and somehow managed to pull it off! Not every woman can shave her head and still good. Both of these girls definitely can. They also have the same brown eyes and the same lips. Both very cute indeed!

In fact, the more you see these younger photos of Natalie, the more these two girls look alike.

Now that Millie is getting older, you can see that she is really starting to own her beauty just like Natalie.

2. Ryan Gosling & Alec Baldwin

Yes, both of these men possess the same, rugged look in these photos. Even the shape of their eyes is the same. In fact, the more that you look at these photos side, by side, you can see that their entire faces contain the same shape from their eyebrows, noses, all the way down to their chins. That’s pretty amazing!

These two guys definitely have had the world at their feet by merely staring right at us like that!

3. Saoirse Ronan & Meryl Streep

These ladies are both a star in their own right and when seeing a photo of Meryl like this, you can get a glimpse of a classic beauty that Saoirse definitely has as well! I do love the way that they are both posing because it makes it easy for us to compare the two and see their unique beauty, respectively.

4. Jennifer Lawrence & Helen Mirren

Each of these ladies have both won Academy Awards because of their obvious talent but also, take a look at how much they look alike! It’s been a while since we’ve seen a young photo of Helen and I personally feel as if that woman become more gritty and gorgeous as the years go on but when you compare her to a young beauty like Jennifer, it’s easy to see was always a star!

5. Margot Robbie & Jaime Pressly

The funny thing is, when I first saw Margot in a movie, I immediately assumed that it was Jaime! These two ladies are both extremely beautiful in the exact same ways! First, let’s start with that fabulous blond hair and those large, blue eyes and top it all off with a sensational smile! The could play sisters in a movie together! Although, I’m sure that someone has already thought about this. . .

They even have the same, gorgeous bodies! I’m even in awe of how similar their cheekbones are. They are the same person!


6. Cole Sprouse & Leonardo DiCaprio

This up and coming actor from ‘Riverdale’ is nowhere near the level that Leonardo DiCaprio has already attained but he is still a dead ringer for the younger version of him. They both have the same, sweet smiles with squinting eyes that deliver so much intensity.

They look especially like each other here because of the clothing and the hairstyles. This kid has a lot going for him so far!

7. Justin Bieber & Paul Wesley

Paul has a perpetually young look on his face which makes him a perfect match for ‘The Vampire Diaries’. Now, let’s see how he compares with Justin and right away you can tell that they wear the same style.  But even more so than that their features share the same, sharp nose, brown eyes and nicely shaped eyebrows. So, yes, I’d have to say that these two definitely look alike.


8. Liam Hemsworth & Jeff Bridges

Well, I have to admit that it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a photo of a young Jeff Bridges but now that I have, I can easily compare it to the likes of Liam Hemsworth because both of these men are sandy blonde babes with chiseled, sun-kissed bodies. I do like the ruggedness of their features combined with the smooth torsos that they sport!

Then, when you shine a light into their eyes, you become lost in their intensity.  What a pair!

Now that their bodies are covered up and their eyes are not engaging you, it’s easy to see that even their hairstyles match up! Yes, this is a definite match!

9. Dacre Montgomery & Robert Downey Jr.

When this guy showed up on the second season of ‘Stranger Things’ many people swore that they were looking at a younger version of Robert Downey Jr. Obviously, they are both very handsome and I think that it mostly has to do with their dark hair, eyes and those distinct eyebrows. Then there’s the fact that they are both photographed in black and white here!

There, that’s better! Now we can see that each of them are handsome in their own ways. Yeah, it’s those eyes and now I can also see it in their chins.

10. Kit Harington & George R. R. Martin

This guy is one of the favorites for a fan on ‘Game of Thrones’ and he just so happens to look just like the guy who wrote the book! That is pretty remarkable! you can see they even have the same taste in glasses and facial hair. Also, the hair that they both sport is both thick and wavy.

11. Sebastian Stan & Mark Hamill

Well, right from the beginning they both have the same pose, the same chin, nose, and furrowed eyebrows. So, it’s easy to see why they could be interchangeable. It must be weird to compare yourself to a younger version of super famous legend from the Star Wars saga.

12. Owen Wilson & Donald Trump

I can definitely see the resemblance in these two men! Of course, this is at different times but they both have the same hairstyle, clothing style and then there that nose! It’s just so distinct and unique!

In fact, they almost have the same smile as well.

13. Kendall Jenner & Ricky Martin

These two might be opposite sexes but you have to admit that Ricky is very feminine looking and Kendall is quite masculine. With that in common, you can easily see why the internet was quick to pair them up to perfect match. In fact, they are both pretty flawless!