10 Ways To Tell Whether Your Man Still Loves You Or Not

10 Ways To Tell Whether Your Man Still Loves You Or Not

Everyone has different views of how men should behave towards the special women in their life. According to Steve Harvey, the author of the popular novel Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, “A man’s love is expressed in three forms: he declares his rights for you in public, protects, and takes care of you.”

While you could argue that, in our time, not all women need to be provided for or protected by men, what they definitely need is love.

Sometimes a woman can feel that something is wrong without having to hear it from her partner. The website Bright Side recently gathered a list of 10 signs that a man’s love had faded, and made illustrations to demonstrate what they mean.

In isolation, any one of these can be a misunderstanding. But if your man is displaying a number of the following list, it might be cause for concern.

1. Criticism of appearance

The Persian poet Omar Khayyam once said, “A person will like everything, even the flaws, of their beloved, but will be annoyed at the perfection of those whom he does not love.”
If a man truly loves his woman,  then he always finds her beautiful, even with messy hair and even in your oversized nightgown. He will not notice that you have gained a couple of extra pounds during the winter months, unless you mention it yourself.
On the other hand, if your man constantly tells you to go to the gym or even hints that you need some kind of plastic surgery, do not indulge him. He obviously cares less about how you feel about yourself than how he feels about being seen with you. And even if you do lose weight, he will find other faults in you. Avoid this type of guy.

2. Discussing your shortcomings with friends

The kind of conversation seen above may seem like a clumsy attempt at humour, and this guy would probably try to laugh it off as that, but in reality it’s probably a low-key form of public humiliation.

If your partner laughs at your failures like this in private, it can be hurtful in itself. But if he does it publicly to humiliate you, that’s another level of disrespect, and you should not expect anything good from such a relationship.

Such a partner doesn’t respect you, and a strong and reliable union is impossible without respect. By criticizing you with other people, he is trying to prove to others (and himself) that it’s your fault that he stopped loving you. It isn’t.


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