The 12 Things All Men Secretly Wish You Knew About Them

The 12 Things All Men Secretly Wish You Knew About Them

Ladies, we’ve got the inside scoop on what men want…

For centuries, men have been asking the question “What do women want?” But now it’s time to turn the tables!

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We may think men are transparent and that we understand them inside out, but really, they just aren’t as vocal as us about what they desire.

Today we’ll be giving you the inside scoop on what real men have told us they want from a relationship. Notebooks at the ready, ladies…


1. Take a few moments to surprise them

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It’s a myth that men aren’t as bothered by surprises. Like seriously, who doesn’t love a good surprise? Because of the stigma behind men not expressing their emotions as much as women, perhaps it’s believed that they aren’t into it when they don’t jump for joy and clap frantically when given a surprise gift or party. But don’t be fooled. Men love the excitement just as much as we do.


2. Honesty is key

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Pretty obvious one but don’t forget it. Lies are poison! We hate them and we desperately try to sniff them out as fast as we can when in a relationship. And men are exactly the same. Honesty builds trust, communication, and loyalty within a relationship. So don’t be a Pinocchio!


3. Deep conversations

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A good, long conversation is always a treasure, and it’s something men treasure the most in a girl! So show your depth by engaging in a long and meaningful chat. These deep conversations can be about anything, but there’s one rule. You have to respect each other’s thoughts, no matter how different your opinions may be.


4. Men are more action-oriented

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You know the saying, actions often speak louder than their words. It’s a good way to get a decent judgment on their characters. Someone can smother you with words every day, but when it comes to an actual sacrifice, they’ll leave you cold and ignored. So, watch out for signals from how your man actually acts around you. If he opens doors, offers you help and follows through on that offer.

5. Men like it when you take care of them

We all like being taken care of from time to time and despite social norms, men are no exception to rule! He may act like he’s the one who has to take care of you, and this is fine, but it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t work the other way round once in a while. Make it known you’re there for him!


6. A strong, independent woman

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What’s better than a cool, independent, confident woman? They like meeting someone who can take good care of themselves. Show that you’re strong, opinionated and not afraid to get involved!


7. They just want you to be happy

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If he’s a good one, this is all he wants for you. Plus, a happy smile is an infectious one! Happiness shared is happiness multiplied. So share your happiness with him!


8. He just wants you to trust him

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You expect him to trust you, so why wouldn’t it be the same for him? Any red flags can be addressed but try to assess if you’re just being a worrier or whether there actually is something to worry about. You should only be worried when they don’t trust you in return!


9. They want you to tell them how you feel

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A man doesn’t always have to make the first move with showing how he feels. It’s a cliched stereotype, so why don’t you mix it up?! If you’re feeling super modern, you could even propose…


10. They like to feel that they’re valued

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We may just simply forget to complement each other, but it goes a long way when we do. Whether it’s a simple compliment or something to cheer him up, boost his confidence because feeling valued is the first step to feeling loved!


11. Men are pretty clueless when it comes to women

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Some men just don’t think to do certain things that you’d expect out of a loving relationship. It isn’t because they don’t care, they’re just a bit clueless sometimes! If you’re looking to improve your relationship, you should try telling each other how you feel, talk about your emotions and wants, and then learn how to properly express them to one another.


12. Men don’t want to be the butt of the joke

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No one likes being trash talked, in front or behind their backs. While sometimes some things can be said that is meant as a joke, it can actually hurt them. We, women, are natural talkers, and we love to share our problems with others. And since our relationship is a major part of their lives, it’s almost inevitable that will talk about our partners. But make sure you don’t make the mistake of making fun of him!


Acidheads, what do you think? Will you be trying out any of these things? Feel free to let me know in the comments! And don’t forget to share this with your friends and family on Facebook!