12 Songs We All Loved As Kids But Definitely Should Not Have Been Singing Along To

12 Songs We All Loved As Kids But Definitely Should Not Have Been Singing Along To

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Ah, youth, what fond fond memories we have of such a golden time. Sure, there’s a few things we regret from our youth; clothes, hairstyles, imaginary boyfriends… but hey, it’s all part of the process of growing up! I suppose the thing we never thought we would regret though is singing along the those classic hit songs we just loved to belt out so much! Right? Right.

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It’s always fun to look back on our past and think, what the hell was I thinking? Especially now that we are grown, mature, responsible adults (well… kind of) So I took the time to trawl through some of my old CDs and dig out the best of the best! That is, the best of the best songs we should definitely not have been singing at that age, but did anyway because we just LOVED THEM SO MUCH!

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So have a scroll through and see if you can remember truly embarrassing yourself and terrorising your parents with the lyrics to any of these “classics” from our childhood. And don’t forget, it’s perfectly okay to laugh!

1. We all loved to pretend that we understood heartache.

I think it’s safe to say we all had a “Miley” phase, and if you say you didn’t, you’re lying. But you have to agree that to this day this was the GREATEST Miley anthem of all time! Even if you were only ten and you were mad at the boy in school who held your hand yesterday who you then found holding some other girls hand the next day. The betrayal!

2. And we latched onto anything that sounded even just a little bit sad.

Not going to lie I’ve seen my Daddy curse at a number of things over the years, but never at the wind. Still, that didn’t stop me from curling up into a ball on my bedroom floor and wailing for a solid 3 minutes.

3. Honestly. Pretty much everything.

This is certainly a favourite of mine. I recall overly-emotionally singing it to each and everyone of my Backstreet Boys posters over and over again until they knew just how much I truly appreciated their existence.

4. Oh, we also thought we knew what turning up was.

Honestly I still don’t really know what “turning up” is and to be quite honest I hope I never really do. Also, what the heck is a slizzard? Either way, it never stopped me from “getting down with my bad self” whenever this song came on.

6. And we tried to act like we were extremely knowledgable on sexual topics.

Where were our parents when we were blasting this out in our bedrooms? Probably in the living room listening to old Rat Pack records. These days if I walk into anywhere that has a small of “sex in the air” I automatically walk straight back out.


7. Sometimes… I think we were just pretty blind to it all.

For the record, the last thing 12 years old me wanted to see was… well, a d*ck. I’m not even sure I fully understood what a dick was at 12 years old, but when Kesha said it, you hadda go along with it. They were the unspoken rules.

8. But most often, I just don’t think we gave a f*ck.

YEAHHHHH SMACK THAT WOOO! ….Smack what exactly? I had no idea. But I knew whatever it was I wanted to smack it all the same.

9. But it did us a good insight as to what relationship drama was.

A boyfriend with beef? Sounds delicious! I want one of those, I want a boyfriend who always has beef to give me, because that sounds great! Oh, how little we knew…

10. Nothing was going to stop us doing what the music told us to. Nope. Nothing.

“Oh gosh better go push my fingers into my eyes” It’s a good job we weren’t listening to this kind of stuff during the most influential stages of our lives, am I right? Oh, wait…

11. Our little dramatic a*ses really thought we were IT.

I was a HUGE Avril Lavigne fan “back in the day”, and I truly felt like every word of every song that was ever written was written directly for me and me only. Do you think that fact that I had literally never felt any of the emotions she would sing about stop me? Nope. No it did not.



12. And then comes the glorious day when we realize what we’d been doing all along.

“Yeah, you know what? I did sing that, and I would sing it again if I had to godammit!” No wonder our parents used to get so mad at us, but what did we know? We were KIDS! Also, my Dad blasting out Eminem whenever he dove me to school probably didn’t help much either.

So what do you think Acidheads? Do you remember singing along to any of these songs during the bloom of your youth? Are there others missing on the list that you can think of? Maybe you recently caught your kids singing along to something a little more X-rather than “?The wheels on the bus”? Let us know in the comments and be sure to share this with your friends and family!