Here Are 12 Shocking Movie Facts That People Don’t Know About

Here Are 12 Shocking Movie Facts That People Don’t Know About

People don’t seem to know about these amazing nuggets of trivia…

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So we all love a bit of movie trivia, right? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Because not only are we about to provide for you some facts about your fave movies that are gonna blow your mind, but we guarantee you don’t know about these ones!

For some reasons, these details seemed to have been kept quiet, but we’re about to share them with the world. After all, these are far too good to not be known…

1. The Dallas Buyers Club small budget meant they could only spend $250 on makeup…

Dallas Buyers Club

This means there was a real lack of money put into transforming Jared Leto into a transgender woman Rayon…

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but what’s truly amazing about this fact is that the film went on to win an Oscar for Best Makeup and Hairstyling!

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2. In The Godfather, the cat you see Marlon Brando holding wasn’t in the script…

The Godfather

That’s right, Brando actually found the stray cat outside the set near the Paramount studios. He picked it up when it instantly started purring. He decided to use the cat in his scenes. However, the cat was so content in Brando’s arms that it continuously purred over him as he acted. It resulted in Brando’s lines having to be looped because his voice was muffled.

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3. Tom Hanks was never paid for Forrest Gump…

Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump (1994)

Yep, instead, the Oscar-winning actor opted for percentage points.

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A wise move which ultimately meant he was paid forty million dollars for the movie. Well done, Tom.

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4. In Titanic, Kate Winslet was feeling nervous about being nude in front of Leonardo Dicaprio

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To devoid of her nerves and worries, she approached Leo and broke the ice by flashing him.

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That’s certainly a way to remove any awkwardness!

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5. Heath Ledger did some serious method acting to prepare for the joker in The Dark Knight

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Ledger secluded himself by staying in a hotel for six weeks straight, alone, without any contact with the outside world aside from receiving food and drink.

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His dedication led to an unforgettable performance that will be remembered forever.

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6. When Arnold Schwarzenegger was filming The Terminator, he decided to go into L.A to pick up some lunch

The Terminator

What he had forgotten, was that he was still wearing his makeup for the movie.

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This included a missing eye, broken and exposed jawbone, burned flesh and multiple open wounds! Definitely a shocking sight!

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7. In Star Trek, they used some strange sound effects

Star Trek

You know that sound you hear when the  U.S.S. Enterprise doors open?

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Yeah, that is actually a Russian train’s toilet flushing. Seriously.

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8. After filming I Am Legend, Will Smith became totally attached to his canine co-star, Abbey

I Am Legend

He tried to persuade the dog’s trainer to allow him to adopt her but to no avail.

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The trainer refused to give her up.

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9. In Maleficent, Angelina Jolie’s daughter Vivienne had to play young Aurora


Although they cast another child as the part, she was far too terrified to go near Angelina in costume.

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In fact, the only child who wasn’t scared of her was Vivienne so they were left with no choice!

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10. On day one of filming The Devil Wears Prada, Meryl Streep approached Anne Hathaway with something to say…

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She told Anne “I think you’re perfect for the role. I’m so happy we’re going to be working together.” Then Meryl paused and followed it up with, “That’s the last nice thing I’ll say to you.” And it was.

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In order to get into her role fully, Meryl felt it necessary to keep a separation between her and Anne. It certainly worked out!

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11. Sylvester Stallone wanted the Rocky IV fight scenes to be as realistic as possible so he instructed Dolph Lundgren to hit him full force

Rocky IV

But this wasn’t without some consequences…

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A punch to Sylvester’s chest put him in intensive care for four days.

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12. During the filming of Now You See Me, Isla Fischer actually got stuck in the tank and couldn’t get to the top

Now You See Me

It’s the stuff of nightmares! The top of the tank always remained opened so that Fisher would be able to swim up to get air when necessary. During one take, Fisher was running out of air and tried to swim to the top, but the chains on the handcuffs she was wearing got stuck on the bottom of the tank.

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She attempted to alert the crew but everyone thought she was acting because that’s what her character was meant to be doing in the scene. She was stuck for a while before the Stunt Coordinator noticed that her handcuffs were stuck and got her out!

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