12 Scientific Facts About Women You Probably Didn’t Know

12 Scientific Facts About Women You Probably Didn’t Know

When it comes to the ‘battle of the sexes’, there are a number of cliches that are thrown around by both sides. For example, there is a stereotype that women are more emotional and talkative, whereas men keep everything bottled up inside.
A lot of these stereotypes are misguided, but as with all stereotypes, a lot of them are actually true. But which stereotypes are founded on misconceptions, and which are scientifically accurate? Well, let’s break it down:

1. Our hearts beat faster than men’s do

The female heart beats slightly faster to make up for the fact that it’s smaller. An average adult female heart beats 78-82 times a minute while an average male’s heart only beats 70-72 times a minute, says consultant cardiologist Miles Behan at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.
Have you ever noticed that, when you pick up a smell pet like a hamster, their hearts seem to beat at like 1,000 beats per minute because it’s so much smaller? Well, it’s like that, kind of.

2. Women on average live longer than men. 

This is a pretty well-known fact, and it’s been proven in multiple studies and statistical analyses. So why is this the case?
Well, there are many different reasons for women’s superior longevity. Professor Katsuiku Hirokawa of the Tokyo Medical and Dental University says this is partly due to their immune systems aging more slowly.
Other factors include the male predisposition to risk-taking behaviour, and the fact that men do more dangerous jobs than women on the whole.

3.  Women have smaller brains than men

No, we’re not making this up, or getting our information from Borat – women really do have smaller brains. But for any sexists out there that are getting excited – that fact doesn’t mean what you think it does, in real terms.
Studies conducted by Dr. Nirao Shah, Professor of Psychiatry, Behavioral Sciences and Neurobiology at Stanford University, show that although men’s total brain size is larger, a woman’s hippo­campus, a small organ associated to learning and memorization, is larger than a man’s and works differently.
Also, the nerves in a woman’s brain are more densely packed, despite their smaller size. This means that their brains function just as effectively as male brains do. There are cognitive differences between male and female brains, but to say that one is ‘inferior’ would be off the mark.
4. We copied high heels from male fashion
In the present day context, high heeled shoes are among the most feminine items of clothing that one can imagine. However, when heeled shoes first hit the market, they were worn almost exclusively by men.
Heeled shoed were considered riding footwear, and were also symbol of status, as well as making them look taller, according to Elizabeth Semmelhack of the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto. Women of the 1600s started wearing heels to show their equality and “masculinise their outfits.”
Today, a man is much less likely to wear high heels, and doing so may draw questions about his sexuality. But take it from me, guys, you’re not missing much. Those things hurt!

5. We’re much more flexible and supple than men are

Women have a stronger and more flexible lower back than men. Dr. Katherine Whitcome of Harvard University says that this is down to evolution, and the fact that mothers need to stay mobile during pregnancy.
This also means that women are natural inclined to sports and leisure activities that require a great deal of flexibility, such as gymnastics and yoga.

6. We talk more than men do

I can hear a bunch of guys reading this laughing and saying “what else is new?!”, but yes, it’s true – women do actually talk much more than men do.
It has been the subject of numerous studies over the years, and while the findings differ slightly in numbers, it is generally accepted that women use around 20,000 words per day, while men use just 7,000.
There are many theories on why this is the case. Researchers at the University of Maryland School of Medicine conducted a study which suggests that women are more talkative due to the presence of higher levels of “language protein” FOXP2 in the brain.

7. We cry much more than men do

This is another one that a lot of people won’t find very shocking. Women cry more often, with more severity, and for longer than men do.
The German Society of Ophthalmology concluded women, on average, cry for 6 minutes while men cry for 2 to 4 minutes. They also concluded that in 65% of cases for women, crying will turn into sobbing versus 6% of cases for men.
There are many reasons for this, not least the societal pressures around men not being as comfortable with showing emotion as women are. We also just have a lot of feelings, okay?!

8. Pregnancy length can depend on the woman’s size

According to a group of researchers led by Louis Muglia, who studied 3,500 mothers and their babies in Finland, Denmark, and Norway, shorter women have shorter pregnancies. This makes for an interesting pregnancy fact that most people do not know about.

9. We really are better at multitasking

For years, women have claimed to be better at multitasking than men – it’s a well established stereotype, that has been backed up by scientific data.
According to experiments conducted by psychologists at the University of Hertfordshire, the University of Glasgow, and the University of Leeds, all located in the UK, women are more adept at switching between tasks and are better at real-life multitasking than men.

10. Our hip shape is an indication of how our sex life is going (according to scientists)

A study published in the Archives of Sexual Behaviors suggests that hip width has a significant correlation with a female’s sexual behavior, the strongest association being between greater hip width and more frequent one-night stands.
So… I guess you could that our HIPS DON’T LIE.
I’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to use a Shakira gif since I started this site. It feels good to get it out there at last.

11. Women have a more highly-evolved sense of smell

unusual facts
Olfactory products such as perfume and body spray are marketed towards women more than men, and there is good reason for that.
As it turns out, women have a better-developed sense of smell, and Professor Roberto Lent from the Institute of Biomedical Sciences in Brazil has even found biological evidence that may explain why: they believe women’s superior smell is cognitive or emotional rather than perceptual.
Just so you know, fellas, we can also smell your BS from a mile away!

12. Some of us eat dirt when we’re pregnant

No, I don’t mean dirt as in crappy junk food, I mean ACTUAL DIRT AND SOIL. From the ground. Like the weird kid used to do in kindergarten.
We’ve all heard of women having crazy food cravings when pregnant, for seemingly ridiculous combinations like pickles and ice cream. However, there is a much more extreme version of this, and it’s a condition that pregnant women are predisposed to.
According to The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, pregnant women are more likely to develop Pica, an eating disorder where one has intense cravings for non-food items, such as dirt or chalk.
At the present time, it is not known what causes the eating disorder, and there is no known cure for it either. But we do know that pregnant women are more likely to suffer from it.

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