12 Posts That Prove Just How Wonderful Disney Cast Members Really Are

12 Posts That Prove Just How Wonderful Disney Cast Members Really Are

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Walt Disney even said it himself; “You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.”

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And below are some prime examples of Cast Members doing exactly that!


1. This Peter Pan, who still needs to get used to modern-day technology.

How great is this? Obviously, Peter Pan has lived on Neverland so long, he’s probably never seen a video camera before… so no wonder he’s confused about the concept of saying hi to it and it somehow transporting all the way to this person’s friends.
He plays along magically and fulfills this guests request, no matter how ridiculous it may seem to him. It’s also wonderful how concerned he is about these friends being trapped inside this tiny box! 10/10 guest interaction for dear Peter Pan… you nailed it!

2. This prince, who didn’t let a little rain get him down.

One of my favorite things about Disney characters is that they, well, never break character, no matter what the situation! I can’t imagine this Disney Prince was a big fan of getting his hair and fine uniform soaking wet, but that didn’t stop him from putting a smile on this guests face!

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It’s also a good show of self-confidence… but then again he is a prince, after all, whats there not to be, what’s not to be confident about!? Cast members are incredibly careful to never “break the magic” for their adoring guests and this prince definitely committed to keeping the magic going, well-done sir!

3. These characters, who took rejections like champs.

Let’s face it… we all have our favorite Disney characters, and often we get so excited and overcome with emotion when we see them, that we just forget about any other characters who may be around… and in this case, this just happened to be Tigger… sorry Tigger! Nothing personal. And if it helps, you’ve always been my favorite out of the Winnie the Pooh crew!
Same goes for poor old Pluto here too. This guest was obviously so excited to get what I’m sure was a well-earned hug from her favorite character Goofy on her graduation day that she left Pluto feeling a bit of a third wheel. Always keep in mind that you’re somebodies favorite though Pluto… hopefully she gave him a good scratch behind the ears as an apology!

4. This Anna, who didn’t quite understand how famous she was.

They say that Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery… however it looks like Anna here would disagree! You have to admit though, it must be pretty strange to be getting on with your job and suddenly seeing a mirror image of yourself standing amongst the crowd! I think that would shock even the most egotistical of characters.

And here we have another great example… but just look how excited Pooh-bear is to see someone who’s dressed exactly like him! Or maybe he’s confused… well, he is a silly old bear after all! Either way, this guest did a great job mimicking her favorite character and it looks like it was definitely appreciated!

I can’t get enough of these Disney Bounders!

5. This Minnie, who was a really good sport.

When I look at this photograph, I can’t help but wonder, did this guest know what he was doing when he got dressed this morning? I’m thinking that, yes, yes he definitely did know what he was doing.
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A risky move I would say… but of course our gal Minnie Mouse took it all in her stride and somehow managed to see the funny side of things! And just look how she gracefully handles this adorable service doggo when he was just overwhelmed with excitement while meeting Ms. Mouse! Same Pup, same.

6. This Donald and Pluto, who were just so darn excited.

This is honestly my one of my favorites on this list… its such a pure photo! I mean hey, a lot of guests bring their family to experience the joy of Disney, so why shouldn’t Donald? Besides, I can’t think of a better tour guide to be perfectly honest! I bet he probably doesn’t get to visit them a lot with his busy schedule and all, so it must have been a great treat to finally show them all where he works!
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Okay wait, so maybe this is my favorite one… who said Disney was just for humans? If you think about it, pretty much around 70% of Disney characters are animals… so why shouldn’t they be allowed to have fun and meet their favorite characters in the parks too!? I bet this was a pretty wonderful moment for Pluto too… to meet somebody who’s just like him! Oh, my heart can’t take it!

7. This Mickey, who was the hero this guest needed.

Not just the face of the Global Ruler of the Entertainment Industry… Mickey Mouse also truly cares about all of his guests. We all know our pal Mickey has had many, many jobs over his long lifetime, and this guest was lucky that First Aider was probably one of them!
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Imagine waking up to such a friendly and familiar face after having such a scary experience! A terrifying moment turned into a terrific moment… yep, just another day for Mickey and the rest of his colleagues. Talk about a magical moment!

8. This unbelievable interaction.

Two worlds collide! Who would have thought you would ever see such a sight… I mean, Peter Pan taking on Darth Vader? Then again, who could blame him for being fearless after defeating Hook countless times.

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One of the most glorious things about Disney is that it cane be enjoyed by all prople ranging from all ages… and yes, that includes super villians! Hey… even they need a day off sometimes too.

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9. And it’s not just the characters who strive to create some magic for their guests!

These cast members are part of the amazing Custodial Guest Services team at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Their job is to keep the “Stage” magically clean at all times.

But who says they can’t have a bit of fun in between!? During one of the parades these Cast members decided to have a little fun of their own and start a huge cusatodial conga line! I can’t imagine theres much of a better site for the guests to see than the hard working employess enjoying their job… where do I sign up!?

It doesn’t stop there though, oh no! These two are creating a little extra magic of their own for the guests of Walt Disney World. Any idea what they might be doing?

Well if you guessed drawing a huge picture of the one and only Mickey Mouse on the street using nothing but water then you are absolutely correct!

This type of water art is called “Water Mickeys” around the Cast Member community, and it’s one of the ways in which the “non-character”  employees can provide their guests with a little entertainment and magic themselves!

But despite the name it’s not just Mickey’s they like to draw! You” also often see Goofy, Donald, Daisy, Minnie and even sometimes those cheeky chipmunks Chip & Dale lying around the parks. Be sure to keep and eye out for them… but be quick! In that Floridian heat they won’t last long!


10. This worker, who made an A+ (yet somewhat horrifying) reference.

They said it!!! They said the thing!! They made a relevant reference!! This is why I think being a Disney Cast Member must be one of the greatest jobs in the world… even simple things like the phrasing you use can make a guests day magical!

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Although, if I was them I personally probably would have picked something that wasn’t quite  so soul-crushing and childhood ruining. No, I’m still not over Mufasa’s death, and I. never. will. be. okay?

11. And these guys who never “broke character”, not even for a second.

“I was at Castaway Cay with my family and all of a sudden we heard somebody shouting ‘WHERE’S MY SHIP? HAS ANYBODY SEEN MY SHIP?’ and then we saw Captain Jack Sparrow stumble along the beach. He then turned to face the [Disney] cruiseship, pointed at it and then said ‘Well, it’s no Black Pearl, but that one will have to do’ before jumping onto the back of a Character Cart, and once it started moving he hung off the side of it. A bunch of people had been trying to get pictures with him so he yelled to us all ‘You’ll always remember this as the day you almost got a picture with Captain Jack Sparrow!‘ – it was amazing.”
“One of my missions in life is to get a picture with one of the Haunted Cast Members while they’re smiling. It’s my absolute favourite ride so I visit it all the time. This guy even had his own pet ‘ghost dog’ with him, so when I went to take a picture with him I asked if he’d named his dog Scooby Boo – nothing. Their commitment to the role is amazing… but I’ll get them one day!”

12. And finally, possible my favorite guest interaction of all time…

I could talk about this topic all day! I won’t though, I’m sure you all have more important things to be getting along with… like planning your next trip to Walt Disney World! Do you have any of your own Disney employee Magical Moments to share? Let us know in the comments on Facebook!! And don’t forget to like and share this with all your friends and family! Have a Magical Day Acidheads! AA xx

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