12 Moms Tell Us Their Pregnancy Cravings And They Are Gross

12 Moms Tell Us Their Pregnancy Cravings And They Are Gross

They say pregnancy brings out the crazy in us..and I can see what they mean.

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Ahhh pregnancy! It’s such a beautiful thing! The miracle of life is developing in a woman’s stomach as she creates the most beautiful and natural thing in the world. But such a special and enormous (physically and metaphorically) event means that unfortunately, it isn’t all fun and games.

Yes, the negative side of pregnancy means that a lady’s hormones are through the roof and her body is doing and wanting things she never expected.

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We’re all aware of the tales of pregnant women craving the most bizarre food combos we’ve ever heard of. Foods that should never go together. Ever. And we asked Moms to tell us the most peculiar, baffling and disgusting things they craved whilst with child.

This list may make your stomach turn a little, but Moms, I think you know exactly what I’m talking about…

1. Cheeseburger with dish soap

“I desperately wanted to put Palmolive dish soap (a pink bottle) on my cheeseburger one day. I didn’t do it, but OH MAN, it sounded amazing. Also, I once put a can of fruit cocktail over tilapia and white rice. Everything tasted great except the cherries.” –Sarah Jane, Facebook

Anyone else got a weird taste in their mouth after reading this?

2. Sauerkraut on everything and anything

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“Sauerkraut. On literally everything. From fruit to mashed potatoes to peanut butter toast. Everything.” –Shawn-Jessica Davis, Facebook

Okay, I’m just gonna put it out there. This one is not too bad. I love sauerkraut.

3. Pizza covered in icing

“I wanted pizza dipped in icing. No idea why on earth, but it was amazing while pregnant.” —ashleyb44532c07b

Tomato sauce mixed with sugar icing? Just gross.

4. Twinkies dipped in ranch dressing

“I’m not ashamed to say I ate Twinkies dumped into ranch dressing.” —danibuttafly

That’s just too much. How dare you ruin a twinkie bar like that!

5. Dirt

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“I craved dirt. I’d smell mud, dirt, soil — it made my mouth water. SO WEIRD!” —jenniferj481d60a70

OMG. My friend had the same craving. She actually ate it. SO crazy.

6. Pulled pork on vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce

“I craved pulled pork on top of vanilla ice cream for weeks.” —renataarielr

Either I’m totally the weirdest person ever for thinking this sounds quite nice or I need to go get a test…

7. Canned cheese on powdered donuts

“The only craving I had was in the beginning of my pregnancy, while I still had morning sickness. Easy Cheese on powdered doughnuts. It did not end well.” —jessicar4e354f20c

How could you ruin powdered donuts this way?! I can’t.

8. Kosher dill pickles stuffed with grape jelly

“I was babysitting while pregnant with my first daughter. The kids wanted a snack. They loved the big, half-cut, kosher dill pickles. So I’m looking at them thinking, I think I want one too! I carved out the middle with my teeth then filled the ‘pickle boat’ with grape jelly. It was spectacular!! The tang, the vinegar, the sweet, the crunch. Now, however, it sounds disgusting.” —memoriem

I’m okay with this one! A mixed of contrasting tastes can work.

9. Dog biscuits and 36 chocolate bars

“Dog biscuits. And an entire case of 36 full-size Mr. Goodbars, which I ate in one sitting.” —invasivemage

Respect! For the 36 full size chocolate bars part.. not the dog biscuits..

10. Corn straight from the can

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“With my son, it was canned corn — which isn’t really weird in itself, but I only wanted it uncooked, straight from the can, with a spoon. I couldn’t get enough of it. I’d go through at least two cans a day for a couple months. It was ridiculous.” —Dee Jackson Kanavel, Facebook

The desire to just have it direct from the can is the weird part for me.

11. Cream-filled doughnut stuffed with white cheddar popcorn

“I craved a cream-filled doughnut stuffed with white cheddar popcorn and a side of a Slim Jim.” –Lakota Hodges, Facebook

What is people’s problem with ruining the great invention that is donuts?!?!

12. Sardines on Ritz crackers with blueberries

“Sardines on Ritz crackers with blueberries. And country gravy on strawberries and cantaloupe. Oh, man, they sound disgusting now, but they were sooooo amazing.” —elynnelim

Do what you’ve gotta do girl, we feel you!

Hope I didn’t put you off lunch! Well, I told you it was pretty gross, didn’t I? Don’t say I didn’t warn you! But I’ll bet you can relate (or your Mom can) What did you hunger for whilst pregnant? Comment on Facebook and let us know about your crazy cravings! And Acidheads, don’t forget to share this article with all your family and friends!