12 DIY Ways To Reuse Bottle Caps You Never Thought Of!

12 DIY Ways To Reuse Bottle Caps You Never Thought Of!

When you next reach for a cool beer, just think about that bottle cap you’re about to flip off the top of the bottle.

You finish your beer and like most people, you probably put the bottle in the recycling. Well, you should anyway.

But what about that bottle cap? Most of the time it just gets put in the trash. Or maybe thrown at the bin from across the room like a frisbee.

What if rather than throwing those things away, you didn’t just recycle them, but you upcycled them!

That’s right, making something wonderful and new out of something as simple and as unwanted as a bottle cap.

What kinds of things can you make? Anything you can imagine! But in the meantime here are 12 of our favorite uses for old bottle caps to spark your creativity.

Bottle cap flowers

Keep your garden, yard or outdoor space looking bright and cheery with these amazing bottle cap flowers. They’re easy make make with a wooden rod and a spot of glue, and it’s completely up to you what they look like! Keep them their original colors or paint them, add a wooden front piece to use them as signs for your various flowers or vegetables… the choice is all yours!

Bottle cap snowmen

Ring in the holiday season with these fun bottle cap snowmen decorations. They’re incredibly easy to make, which means they’re a great activity for the kids, and are a simple way of creating personalized Christmas decorations for your home!

Bottle cap mirror

Almost everyone looks in the mirror at least once a day, right? Why not make a design feature of your mirror, giving your room a personalised focal point. After all that beer you’ll probably be seeing double, so at least you’ll look good twice in this customized decoration.

Bottle cap table

Glueing bottle caps to the top of an old table top is a surefire way to spruce up piece of old, unused and unloved item of furniture you have lying around your house or garage. It’s definitely a conversation-starter, too.

Bottle cap flag

Just as long as you live in a country where you could make your flag out of the things. The stars and stripes is actually pretty complicated, but compared to somewhere like South Africa, it would be a breeze!

Bottle cap magnets

Create these awesome-looking magnets to stick to the front of your fridge! You could leave the original bottle cap designs on there, paint them or stick new designs on. You could even make letters out of them and leave messages for your friends and family to find!

Bottle cap games

Make your own fun, travel-sized games using old bottle caps to while away the hours on those long boring car journeys! Maybe just don’t try to take them through customs at the airport.

Bottle cap thumb tacks

A lot of people use tacks every day, at work or around the home. If you’re tired of them looking basic and boring, and you have some old caps around, you can make some of your own! Paste small pictures on the inside to create a set of personalized tacks, simply by gluing them to ordinary tacks! Imagine these on a board holding up photos of your family and friends, how amazing would that look!

Puffy bottle caps

You can transform all of your old caps into round ornaments to hang on small trees, necklaces, and key chains! They look brilliant stuck back to back like this and can be used as decorations in a variety of ways.

Bottle cap candles

Tealight candles made out of bottle caps would look just perfect and create a very stylish atmosphere! Just imagine these dotted around your home during a party, or around your yard for a family BBQ, shimmering and shining away!

Bottle cap baskets

This would make the perfect toy basket! Just make sure you collect all the old plastic bottle caps from soda bottles, and not the nasty spiky tops off of beer bottles. That would definitely NOT make a child friendly basket!

Bottle cap wind chimes

Did you know that bottle caps can not only look great, but they can sound great too! Just save up a few different colors and varieties and string them together for the soothing jingle of a wind chime to fill up your home or garden!