11 Pics That Prove There’s Still Plenty Of Good Left In This World

11 Pics That Prove There’s Still Plenty Of Good Left In This World

It’s easy to get lost in all of the negativity these days…

What with the threat of WWIII looming on top of all the pollution, famine, animals species dying out etc… the list seems freakin’ endless. 

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So, we could all do with a little reminder from time to time that it’s not all doom and gloom out there, despite the medias best efforts to make it seem that way.

Check out this list of wholesome people and maybe, just maybe you won’t think the world is full of misery after all. 


1. “You’re still my #1”

There’s only one type of man you need in your life. And it seems as if she’s already got him, so screw the rest!

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Plus, there’s an added bonus with this one as not only does she have a dad that clearly loves his daughter dearly, but there’s a giant cookie to demolish too.

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So really, who needs boyfriends aye?


2. Nobody’s born a terrible person

If I was going to get really philosophical, I’d say something like “babies are the purest forms of human life”. To which you might think something like “what on earth are you blabbering on about?!“. But, it’s true! Just look at the way she’s genuinely concerned for the person on the screens welfare. If only we could all stay this innocent.

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I just hope that as she grows older, she doesn’t lose that empathy for other people. It’s not cool to care how other people feel these days apparently, which is something we really need to change. Like, right now! Unless I’m trying to cheer myself up by eating a 12 pack of donuts, sat alone in the corner of a Krispy Kreme. Then I give you permission not to care and stay well clear!


3. Am I dreaming?

What an unbelievably thoughtful gesture. Ok, admittedly it’s not the most ‘unbelievable‘ thing you’ll see, but it’s still a great gesture if you think someone’s decision to do this was based purely on spreading a message of kindness. Plus, it might help teach kids a thing or two about the effect that acts like this can have on other people.

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That is of course if they’re not completely blinded by the sheer amount of sugary treats and small prizes on offer. Which is easier said than done! I mean, just look at the choice on offer, it’s any nineties kids dream… Meanwhile, I’m just sat here asking myself why nobody thought about doing this when I was just a young, impressionable kid.


4. Safety First!

You were right to share this with the world, Alyssa, so freakin’ right! Because not only is it one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen in my whole entire life… It’s also important to make sure your beloved animal friends are just as safe as you are. And when they’re this well behaved, you’ve really got no excuse whatsoever!

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Now every time you see or hear something on the news that puts you on a downer, try and think back to the image of this little pup calmly waiting for his journey to commence with his seat belt safely in place. That ought to bring you straight out of that bad mood. I just want to tell him he’s such a good boy!


5. Halloween surprise

Sticking with the dog theme (because they’re freakin’ awesome!), this guy did something brilliant for his best pal. In the top left image, you might be able to see this pooch protecting his favorite toy like his life depended on it. So, you can probably tell from the other pictures what his owner decided to do on Halloween for him.

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Yep, you guessed right; he dressed up as that very toy. Just to make his doggo happy and look at his reaction… priceless! Now if only there was a way to get humans to do things like this (not necessarily dressing up in weird green outfits) for other humans on a regular basis, the world might be a far happier place. Don’t you think?


6. In memory of Phoebe

Are you starting to notice that dogs are making appearances on this list as much as humans are? There’s a good reason for that: because they seem to embody so much of what’s positive about the world with none of the negatives. Which is probably why Phoebe’s owner thought it would be a good idea to share this heartfelt message.

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A little snippet of advice to go on with your life and live by. Well, you don’t have to I suppose, but I bet you’d be a lot happier if you did! In the meantime, I’m going to have to buy some more tissues because these have turned me into a blubbering mess, there’s just so much cuteness in such a short space of time!


7. “Don’t worry you’ve got me now”


This might strike a chord with some people more than others. If you’ve got an elderly relative that has dementia and had to move into a retirement home because they were no longer capable of living independently, then you’ve probably gone through the various stages of anxiety and stress. Especially the first time you have to leave them!

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Dementia can make you feel so alone and detached from the world. So, it’s lovely to see things like this. They look like they’ll be pals for the rest of their lives, which alleviates some of the guilt she might have had for leaving her gran in the first place. I can’t take much more of this, my heart… it hurts!


8. Shoutout to Mr. Johnston!

Most teenagers go through high school focusing on things like the opposite gender, growing up as quickly as they can and the changes happening to their bodies. So, it’s easy for them to forget just how important the bonds they build with their teachers over the years actually are. C’mon when you think back to your high school days, how often did you think to yourself “my teachers ace“?

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Luckily teachers know that students are probably more often than not going to be more focused on other things. After all, when you ‘have’ to be somewhere, it ends up being the last place you actually want to be. But, it doesn’t make it any less important. Teachers are the real MVP’s, just like this guy who wanted to give his students the best possible chance of succeeding. Who’s the man…


9. Age is just a number

Have you read anything more wholesome than that (excluding everything else on this list obviously)?

This is Alfred (Alfie) and he is a staggering 109 years-old!

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His age doesn’t stop him doing his bit for those fluffy little cutie pies though!


10. #HesABlessing

Y’know… for all the bad press that police officers get sometimes, there are so many out there that are just kind all the way to their core. That’s the reason you’d want to join the police in the first place right? Justice and fairness for all? This is a shining example of that fact, he could’ve just given this girl a ticket and been on his way, leaving her to sort out the mess of fixing her car.

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But instead, he decided to help her and potentially save her hundreds in mechanics fees whilst he’s at it. Round of applause for this guy, please. There are people making sincere acts of kindness each and every day and sometimes it can be the simplest of things, that make the biggest of differences. I know, I know… I’m so freakin’ profound!


11. Come and see Saturn

This guy just wanted to share his passion with local passers-by.

Because it’s not every day you get a good look at one of the biggest planets in our solar system.

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Which makes me think the same thing I’ve thought with all of these… Awwwww.


See! I told you there’s still some good in this world… even if most of it comes from dogs. Now go and spread kindness everywhere!

What did you make of the list? Let me know in the comments!