11 Health Reasons Why You Need To Improve Your Sleep Pattern

11 Health Reasons Why You Need To Improve Your Sleep Pattern

We all know how great it feels to wake up after a great night’s sleep. It puts us in a great starting position for the day, ready to take on the day head-first.

Sleep is great and all, but with a lot of us managing busy and demanding lives, it can be difficult to find time for the recommended eight hours of sleep, or more. Those of you with small children probably don’t remember the last time you both got the full amount!

Many of us put off going to bed for various reasons, ranging from our nightly Netflix binge to browsing social media – electronics can be a major factor in disruption to our sleep cycles, which is a shame because every single one of us really appreciates a good night’s sleep.

And there’s a very good reason for that: sleep, and enough of it, is very good for us.

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I know that this will hardly be new information to you all. After all, you can feel the beneficial effects of a good night’s sleep, and the effects of a bad night’s sleep  can hit you even harder.

For better or worse, sleep affect us on a long-term basis and in the short-term too.

If you’re getting a decent amount of sleep, it will make you more alert, it’ll make you more productive and it’ll do wonders for maintaining your physical health.

But here’s the flipped:the end result of not getting enough sleep can be serious, even deadly, as it could increase your risk of developing cancer, Alzheimer’s and depression.
That’s not all, either. Click through to the next page for 11 other consequences of consistently missing out on a good night’s sleep.
And remember folks, I’m not a doctor. These are just some tips as to why you should strive  for a healthier sleep life.


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