11 Amazing Clothing Hacks That Will Revitalise Your Wardrobe

11 Amazing Clothing Hacks That Will Revitalise Your Wardrobe

If you’re the kind of person that spends a lot of time choosing their outfits and enjoying the clothes you wear then it can be a real pain when all of a sudden, you discover sweat patches in your favourite top, or that the new shoes you bought just aren’t wide enough. Is it time to throw out these articles of clothing that you just love so much? Not at all! We’ve found some amazing wardrobe hacks that will take your wardrobe to stale to stylish in no time flat! Just take a look and try these hacks for yourselves today!

1. Don’t worry about food stains on your clothes

What gets rid of food stains faster than any detergent? Well, the same thing that gets rid of the food on your plates, of course! Using a little bit of dish soap to clean the affected area after you’ve spilled some food on it will clean that stain up right away. Just take the dish soap and apply it directly to the area and then rub it in with your fingers, then throw the item of clothing into the washing machine and prepare to see that stain vanish!

2. Sick of sweating onto your new favourite top? We’ve got your back

Well actually, it’s panty liners that have your back. If you don’t want sweat stains to ruin your beloved top, or you’re going somewhere that you know will make you sweaty and you don’t want to deal with sweat patches, panty liners are your friend. Just stick them onto your top, under your armpits and they’ll soak up any sweat that comes their way, leaving your top fresh, clean and dry.


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