10 Times Brits Left Americans Hilariously Confused

10 Times Brits Left Americans Hilariously Confused

We share an awful lot in common with our cousins on the other side of the pond – we speak the same language, have a rich history, and we LOVE sports and reality TV. But sometimes they just leave us plain confused. Let’s take a look at these Britishisms below.

1. Going for a “Cheeky Nando’s”

We all love going for a meal with friends, but if someone asks you out for a “Cheeky Nando’s”, you’d probably be confused and possibly a bit alarmed! Apparently, Nando’s is a chicken chain that’s real popular over there in the UK. But why is it cheeky? What does that even mean?! This explanation just left us WAY more confused.

2. “Cheerio!”

Okay, so saying ‘goodbye’ is a little formal. Usually, we go for “bye”,  “see ya”, “later”, whatever. But “cheerio”?! what the heck are you even talking about? Why bring a cereal into it?

3. Math vs ‘Maths’

If there’s one thing that the Brits love to preach to us about, it’s language. ‘Math’ is obviously short for mathematics. It’s not MATHSematics is it?! Still, try telling that to Mr Snootypants over there.

4. Their crazy words for ‘drunk’

We all have a few too many every now and then. But over there it seems to be a national sport! I guess that’s why they have so many words. “Trolleyed”. “W*nkered”. “P*ssed”. “Bladdered”. You crazy guys. Why can’t you just be classy drunks like us?

5. What the heck is a fortnight?

Brits have a weird thing about time. “I’ll be back in a jiffy”, they’ll often say, as if we know what that means. But what on earth is a ‘fortnight’? Apparently, it means two weeks. But why would you even need to measure time like that?

6. Their weird food and drink products

Anyone who’s ever tasted Marmite knows how weird British food can be (yuck!). But how about wine sold by the glass in the supermarket? Are you guys that stressed that you need a glass mid-shopping trip?

7. Harrys Everywhere

The Brits seem to have an obsession with Harrys, and to be honest we’re all for it. Harry Styles? Harry Potter? Prince Harry? Feel free to send any of those across the pond to us! Maybe not that weird red thing though. I already have a trusty mop in the cupboard, thanks.

8. Their obsession with tea

Everyone knows the stereotype of the snooty English tea drinker. Well guess what, some stereotypes exist for a reason! No matter what the weather is like, Brits just can’t go without their “cuppa”.

9. But not Ice Tea

Nothing beats a tall glass of ice tea on a hot summer’s day. But try telling that to a Brit! Although, I guess they don’t get the gorgeous weather that we do, just saying.

10. Forgetting Where Their own Country is

We Americans often get accused of not knowing much of the world outside of the good old US of A. But when one of your seamen forget where your own coastline is, maybe you should get off your high horse!

But hey, despite all your quirks, we still love you guys.

Are there any other things that confuse the heck out of you about those crazy Brits? Maybe their giant weird red buses, or the strange black things they call taxi cabs. I mean, what’s up with those?

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