10 Things About Your Appearance You Can Correct Right Now To Look Better!

10 Things About Your Appearance You Can Correct Right Now To Look Better!

There are a whole bunch of things that can hold you back from looking good, and many of them are completely fixable!

You don’t have to spend lots and lots of money on fancy designer labels, all you have to do is wear simple, stylish clothes in a confident way and you’ll go far.

Just follow these easy rules, and you’ll be pulling in compliments on your appearance in no time!

1. Faded clothes

Any crisp black clothes look classy, whether it’s a stylish pair of black jeans, a simple fitted black t-shirt or of course that wardrobe essential the little black dress. But we all have clothes that aren’t quite black anymore because they have been around the block a few times. Wednesday Addams would hate it.

To remedy this problem, try washing bright and black clothes in cold water, while some people swear by adding vinegar, black coffee or tea to their wash to preserve colors for longer. Of course the enemy of all clothes is tumble drying – not only will this fade the color but also bobble your items – so steer clear of that to extend your clothes’ lifespan.

2. Off white clothes

A lot like black clothes, worn in white clothes can loose the crispness of their appearance over time. But the opposite happens when whites move on the color spectrum, to gain a messy shade of yellow or gray. The biggest sin of all though? Sweat stains on white clothes. Ugh.

Yellowed fabrics can be rescued by washing them with hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, or lemon juice. But be warned, there’s only so much you can do before it’s time to admit you simply need some new whites.

3. Loosely rolled up sleeves

We’ve all done it; worn a long sleeved shirt and pushed up the sleeves for that stylish look. Or maybe it’s just a little too hot in here.

Whatever the case, make sure you take the time to do it properly, otherwise your clothes will look crinkled and messy. All you have to do is turn the cuff inside out and then make 1 or 2 turns so that the sleeve sits just below your elbow. Now that wasn’t so hard, was it? Your momma can’t always be around to straighten your clothes for you!

4. Harem pants

Sheesh, this style is really old hat right now. Unless you’re a freakin’ breakdancer, there’s really no reason to wear dropped crotch pants in 2018.

If you really can’t give them up and they’re your thing or whatever, at least wear them with sneakers or sandals and something simple like a t-shirt or tank top. But really, it’s time to send these things back to the harem.

5. Saggy pants

Remember when pants that you wore halfway down your butt were all the rage? Yeah, not any more people, folks these days buy clothes that freakin’ fit!

Buy jeans in a cut that you’re comfortable with, and try to avoid low waisted styles. Also, stand up straight and fix your posture! Shoulders back, straighten that spine, push your boobs forward! Goodness me!

6. Dandruff on your clothes

Really? Nobody should have to be told this! Unless you have a serious medical complaint – in that case, maybe darker colors aren’t for you while your dandruff is bad – then there’s really no excuse for dandruff on your clothes.

Wash your freakin’ hair, and if that doesn’t help, consult your physician as you might have a skin condition!

7. Cluttered use of accessories

Going over the top with jewelery, especially combined with bright make-up, can ruin the best of outfits.

Try this time worn piece of advice: get ready, get dressed, accessories and all. Then, just before you leave the house, take off the last accessory you put on and leave it on the dressing table.



8. Stale make up

Old make up will make your face look tired, so be sure to either re-do it every day (nobody wants to see your panda eyes from the night before) or remove it for a fresh faced look.

Caked on make up is never a good look, so invest in a good primer and use moisturizer to get rid of dark circles.

9. The finer details

You only get one chance to make a good first impression, so make sure you give yourself a thorough check in the mirror before you leave the house.

Does that dress have a hole in it? Are your shoes scuffed? Have you made sure that you didn’t smear your mascara, or got a spot of lipstick on your teeth? People pick up on these little detail, so if you know you would see them on somebody else and make a judgment about it, why wouldn’t they do the same thing?

10. A messy unkempt beard

Fellers, we know beards are all the rage right now. And lots of people love the look of a guy with a beard. But go for the perfectly groomed look, not the ‘I slept on a bench in the park last night’ look.

Give your beard proper shape according to the shape of your face shape; a good barber should be able to help you out, then you can keep the face furniture in check using a beard trimmer.

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