10 Simple Habits That Will Help You Change Your Life

10 Simple Habits That Will Help You Change Your Life

There are a few things we could all start doing to improve our day and our life.

So if you’re interested in turning your life around then take a look at this list!

Trust me, it’ll make your life feel very zen and a lot happier.

1. Glass of Lemon Water

You should make it a rule to drink a glass of lukewarm water with lemon juice and a pinch of cayenne pepper every morning, or at least once a day. 

It’s a ritual that will start your metabolism by the time you begin to eat your breakfast.

As we all know, Lemon juice contains vitamin C, this increases your microbicidal immunity, but the cayenne pepper actually speeds up your metabolism.

But that’s not all. The condition of your skin will improve too!

2. Wipe Your Face With Ice Cubes

But don’t just use any old ice cubes, use ice cubes made from a chamomile decoction.

This is another useful morning habit to get in the habit of doing.

It stimulates your skin, but it also helps get rid of any mimic wrinkles.

After doing this, your face will have a fresh blush on your face along with skin that feels like velvet.

3. Light Snacks

We all get peckish from time to time, but snacking on chocolate bars and cookies aren’t the best idea.

Instead, you should carry healthy snacks with you, like nuts, seeds, dried fruit.

These healthy snacks are yummy, good for you, but they also don’t consist of simple carbohydrates. So you’ll see visible results in a month.

4. Dental Floss

Looking after your teeth is a great way of looking after your health.

There’s a direct link between gum disease and cardiovascular diseases.

So if you want a long and healthy life then it’s a good idea to look after your teeth by brushing them every day and flossing them after every meal.

5. After Lunch Apple

If you’re not in a situation where you can easily brush your teeth after every meal, then have an apple!

Apples can cleanse your mouth, get rid of any food that may be stuck in your teeth, improve blood circulation in your gums, and apples can even normalize acidity in your mouth. 

6. Contrast Showering

Just a short shower could have a lot of positive effects on your health.

Quick showers actually strengthen the nervous system and blood vessels. But that’s not all, contrast showers are the main tool for preventing varicose veins.

7. Drink More Water

A lot of people don’t notice the signs of dehydration, and they also struggle to notice that coffee, tea, and fizzy drinks, aren’t a good way to stay hydrated.

So, to remind you to drink more water you should place a bottle of water on your desk.

Or you could set a reminder on your phone to drink some water every hour.

8. Get Some Nuts

You should eat at least 50 g of nuts daily, and these can be any kind of nuts that you like.

Nuts are filled with fatty acids and omega-3, which strengthen the cardiovascular system, hair, and nails.

But that’s not all! Nuts also help lower the level of harmful cholesterol.

They are also great sources of vitamins and nutrients too!

9. Sleeping Socks

If you want a goods night sleep, then you should opt for socks.

In the summer wear cotton socks, and in the winter opt for woolen.

Once you’ve had your nightly shower and before you go to sleep, you should apply coconut oil with several drops of mint oil to your feet.

Simply massage them to help the oil soak in, and then put on socks for the night. 

Soon your feet will be silky smooth and rid of any hard or dead skin! Who wouldn’t want that?

10. Read More Often

You should try reading more often.

Reading should be an unconditional habit. It actually helps to improve our memory, logical thinking, imagination, and slow down Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Reading is such a great way to pass the time, especially if you have a day where you’ve got nothing to do.

If you have just started to develop a habit of reading, read for 15-20 minutes every day and then start increasing the amount of time you spend reading. It’s one of the best, and smartest hobbies a person can have, and it will work wonders for your life, imagination, and way of thinking!

Pick up a book today and get reading!

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