10 Signs That Your Guardian Angel Is Trying To Contact You

10 Signs That Your Guardian Angel Is Trying To Contact You

Is your protector reaching out to you?

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The idea we are being watched over can be a huge comfort to us. And we would all love to be contacted by our guardian for reassurance. Unfortunately, it is not simple to understand how their contacting methods work. Often you could be sidetracked by life and not be noticing that your angel is actually trying to get in touch.

There are some unusual signs that may bypass you. And for years and years, believers have reported these as ways of contact.

Take a look at these signs to identify whether you’re being visited by a guardian angel. And even if you’re reading this and you’re not a believer, approach this with an open mind. This might help you to understand and sense the signals…

1. You’re dreaming about meeting angels

If you’re dreaming about visitations from angels, it may actually mean you’re with your angel. Believers have reported that angels visit you in dreams and can either send you a message or simply reassure you with their presence. If this has happened to you, you can feel comforted.

2. Finding a feather on your path

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Finding a feather on your path, particularly white, can be a sign that your guardian angel is nearby. It is reported to be your protector telling you they are here for you and a symbol of faith, allowing you to remain strong through any hardship you may be facing.

3. Babies and pets acting strangely

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Babies and pets are known by believers to be able to sense guardian angels because they have such pure souls. If you see them looking at something intensely where nothing is, they could be looking at your angel. And you can take comfort in this.

4. You hear muffled voices

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It’s easy to be spooked or confused when you hear muffled voices in the distance, but you should take comfort in it. It is said that this is their way of attempting to communicate with you even though they can’t fully. Let it reassure you that they are near.

5. You smell something sweet Image result for smelling

If an unusually sweet smell comes out of nowhere, it could be a sign your angel is nearby. The smells may take the form of delicious food, fragrant flowers, or a perfume that a deceased loved one used to wear. Look out for this, your angel is making their presence known.

6. You experience a change in temperature

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Ever get a random shiver through your body when you’re not cold? Or suddenly feel hot? It’s known to be a sign that your angel is with you. Angels affect our senses which is why we smell and feel them when they’re near.

7. You sense you’re not aloneImage result for person looking around

Sometimes, you just get the feeling like there’s a presence in the room. You would usually shrug it off but you should take comfort in it because it is likely you are actually in the presence of your angel. And if perhaps you’ve lost someone, there’s nothing more reassuring than feeling they are with you and you are being protected.

8. If you keep seeing angel numbers

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Look out for these angel numbers: 111, 1111, 555 and 999. These are some of the numbers associated with angels. It is also believed that they will try to contact you via numbers that are familiar to you such as birthdays and anniversaries.

9. You feel tingling at the crown of your headImage result for tingling back of head

Many believers have reported that a tingling at the back of the head has made them aware their guardian angel is there. Look out for a warm feeling or just a simple tingle at the crown of your head.

10. You see clouds shaped like angels

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It is said by believers that angels travel through the sky creating shapes to make their presence known. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an angel shape, they are also known to make other pleasing shapes. Look out for this to become aware you’re guardian angel is watching over you.

So next time you experience any of these things, I hope you can see a different meaning to it than you usually would. It could be angel checking up on you or if you’ve lost someone, they may be looking to contact you. Either way, feel comforted and reassured in the fact that your protector is watching you. Feel free to share any comments about this article on our Facebook post and share it with your friends and family to spread the love.