10 Reasons Why Hollywood Won’t Cast Hayden Panettiere Anymore

10 Reasons Why Hollywood Won’t Cast Hayden Panettiere Anymore

Remember Hayden Panettiere? Okay, I can see you trying to rack your brains and honestly, I kind of understand why. I’m talking about the cute blonde actress who’s about five feet tall! No, not Kristen Chenoweth, I’m talking about Hayden Panettiere! Maybe you’ll work out who I mean when I tell you that she was the cheerleader in Heroes? Yeah, now you’re with me, that Hayden Panettiere. What happened to her? When Heroes first hit our screens it seemed like Hayden Panettiere was on a one way track to superstardom, but from there it seems like it all went wrong.

I remember when Hollywood couldn’t get enough of Hayden Panettiere, it seemed like her star was on the rise and she would soon be a starlet similar to the likes of Emma Stone and Anna Kendrick. And not only was she a fabulous actress, but she could sing too! Hayden Panettiere had the whole package and was sure to have a successful career, but soon Hollywood turned it’s back on Hayden Panettiere for seemingly no reason. Well, today we’re going to take a look at all of the reasons why Hollywood won’t cast Hayden Panettiere anymore.

1. What should have been her breakthrough movie was a flop

As Hayden was making the transition from child star, coming from movies such as Dinosaur and Remember The Titans, she had the chance to make appear in a teen romantic comedy that could have made her a huge Hollywood star. This movie was I Love You Beth Cooper, and with Harry Potter director Chris Columbus on board it seemed like this movie was a surefire hit. Unfortunately, that’s not how things worked out and the movie panned with critics and audiences alike. The movie was slated for ‘lifeless’ performances, including Hayden Panettiere’s, meaning the movie that could have made her a household name actually ended up harming her career.


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