10 Hot Older Guys Who Prove That Age Is Irrelevant

10 Hot Older Guys Who Prove That Age Is Irrelevant

A lot of the time, the world seems to be obsessed with youth and young people, especially when it comes to modelling. Well, these silver foxes would disagree with that.

Check out these 10 men who prove that age is just a number. They’re all over 50 but they’re also incredibly handsome, strong, and talented. Check them out! Which one is your favourite?

1. Philippe Dumas, 60

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 1.58.48 PM

Yes, you read that right – this man is 60 years old. Look at him and tell me age ain’t just a number.

With his great body, thick hair, sailor tats and well-groomed beard, this older man could give any 21 year-old frat boy a run for their money.

Phillipe has gained a lot of attention on social media for his striking looks, particularly on Instagram, where he has around 40,000 followers.

He didn’t start modelling until recently, but is very happy about his new path.

‘My career as a senior model is young, but it starts well,’ he told Style Aria. ‘I have great expectations.’ Good for you, Phillipe.

Some girls don’t like facial hair on a guy, but might change their mind for this distinguished gent – he clearly spends a lot of time grooming his beard, as it is a perfect shape, clean, and well-managed. Personally I think he’s perfect in every way.

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2. Anthony Varecchia, 53:

A lot of people think that, as you go past the 50 mark, your body will start to get weaker. Well, apparently Anthony here didn’t get that memo, because he has sculpted a body that men half his age would be jealous of.

He is living proof that, no matter what your age, if you stick to a healthy lifestyle and a good exercise regime will reap amazing benefits.

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Anthony is a fitness professional/model who lives in New York City, and is a self-titled ‘Silver Fox.’ He has an amazing 148k followers on Instagram, and shares some great photos with his fans and followers.

Looking at these photos, it’s not hard to see why so many people are interested in him. Mamma mia!

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