10 Everyday Things That Make Your Skin Look 10 Years Older

10 Everyday Things That Make Your Skin Look 10 Years Older

I think we can all agree when I say that aging naturally and gracefully is the better thing to do rather than plastic surgery.

But sometimes the things we do in our everyday life is actually damaging our skin, and making us look older, ten years older to be exact.

Most of us understand that in order to look younger and healthier, proper nutrition and exercise are needed.

The result of a healthy lifestyle will always visible.

But sometimes, the condition of your skin actually tells us about those little things we do in our day to day that actually damage our skin.

If you want healthier, and younger looking skin, then you should pay close attention to these 10 things.

They may seem harmless at first glance, but they actually can add 10 years to your appearance.

1. Sleeping position

When we sleep on our stomach, it forces our head to turn to the side.

As you can imagine, this leads to tension being created in your neck and shoulder muscles, and it also reduces the blood supply to your brain.

This will create dark circles under your eyes and swelling of your face. If you want to avoid this look, then you should try another sleeping position.

Try sleeping on your back or on your side, just avoid sleeping in one position all night. The same position will actually change the shape of your face.

Also, the type of pillow you use can also affect your skin.

If you sleep on a very high pillow, the height actually disrupts blood flow and provides extra wrinkles on your neck. You should actually choose a pillow that keeps your neck straight during sleep. If your chin is resting against your chest then its too high.

2. Sunglasses

Sun protection is another important area, especially when it comes to healthy skin.

The skin around your eyes is very thin, which makes it susceptible to getting wrinkles because of sun damage.

When you’re out in the sun, you should make it a rule to always wear sunglasses.

3. Eating

Avoid chewing on one side of your mouth, as it can lead to asymmetry of your face.

If you’re chewing on one side of your face then the muscles on the unused side weaken while the other side’s become toned.

4. Talking on the phone

When your phone rings, you should always hold the phone to your hear, or use speakerphone or use a headset.

Holding the phone with your shoulder and ears cause neck wrinkles, and actually cause your cheek to sink slightly.

5. Using technology

Most of us hold our tablets or smartphone so our heads are looking down. But this is a bad idea because it can actually cause eye edemas and a “turtleneck”, which is made from flabby skin and wrinkles. 

6. Chin on your hand

The next time your sitting in front of the computer or reading, try to avoid putting your chin on your hand.

When you do this, our skin actually becomes less elastic, and it will even start to sag.

7. Frowning

Every time we frown, we position our face in a way that actually damages the quality of our skin.

So, if you want to avoid getting damaged skin from frowning, try to imagine moving your ears backward without touching them. It sounds weird, but it’s actually impossible to be sad while pulling your ears back at the same time.

8. Showers

I love hot showers, it’s a nice way to quickly get relaxed. But, showers that are hot can actually damage your skin.

In the heat, the upper layer of skin gets destroyed, which, in turn, leads to dry skin. That’s why a nice warm shower is much better than a long, hot shower.

9. Air Conditioning

Air conditioners actually take humidity out of the air, which makes it dry.

But as a result, our skin becomes drier and eventually gets damaged as a result.

10. Pillows

When using pillows, you ideally need one made from a fabric that won’t damage your facial skin.

Cotton works well for the rest of your body, but not your face.

To avoid creating any damage to your skin, then you should try to use a silk or satin pillowcases because they cause less friction.

You should also change your pillowcases frequently to avoid dead skin and bacteria gathering on your pillows.

This will prevent your face from getting irritated.

I hope this list helps you and your skin look younger and healthier than ever!

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