10 Esstential Pieces Of Advice To Keep Your Children Safe

10 Esstential Pieces Of Advice To Keep Your Children Safe

As parents, making sure our children are safe is our number one priority.

But these days trying to find a way of keeping our little ones safe is harder and harder.

Here are just a few ways you can keep your little ones safe and sound in the 21st-century world.

1. Don’t reveal your child’s name

Avoid writing your child’s name on their personal belongings.

Strangers shouldn’t have easy access to your children’s information, especially their name.

A stranger will use your child’s name to gain their trust and attention, and it can be used to manipulate them into a dangerous situation.

Instead, you should just write your phone number instead, this is also very helpful if anything gets lost or stolen.

2. Teach them to run in the opposite direction

Teaching our children not to get into cars with strangers is important. But your child should also know that they should run in the opposite direction if a car every pulls over or starts to follow them.

 This will help your child buy time to call for help.

3. Password protected

Inventing a password, or a safe word will help prevent your child from falling into the classic trap of “Come with me. I’ll take you to your mom and dad!“

You should teach your kid’s to ask the stranger two things. “What are my parents’ names? And what’s our family password?” You should use something unexpected, which makes it impossible to guess, something like “Fluffy Orange.”

4. Installing tracking apps

Thanks to their GPS function, there are a number of apps you can download to your child’s devices that allow you to monitor your child’s precise whereabouts and the battery level on their phone.

You can download apps like:

5. Emergency button watch

There are a number of gadgets you can buy for your child that come with their own panic/ emergency button.

They can come in the form of watches, key chains, bracelets, or medallions. If the child presses the button, the signal is sent to the parents or the police.

6. ‘I don’t know him/her!”

You should teach your children that when they’ve been grabbed by a stranger than it’s ok to behave badly.

Encourage them to bite, kick, claw, and try to attract attention at any cost, encourage your child to keep shouting loudly, ”I don’t know him/her! He/she wants to take me away!”

7. Distance and short conversations

If you want to keep your children safe, then teach them to keep conversations with strangers shorter than 7 seconds, and to keep a safe distance from them, roughly 6.5-8 feet away.

You should also teach them to take a step back if a stranger tries to come closer. Try practicing the situation with your child.

8. Avoid riding the elevator with strangers

going down

You should teach your child to wait for the elevator with their back to the wall, that way they’ll be able to see anyone approach. If a stranger gets into the elevator, then your little one should invent an excuse not to enter the elevator with this person.

“My parents say that I should only ride the elevator alone or with our neighbors.”

But it’s important for your child to know that if the stranger tries to drag him/her inside the elevator by force that it’s crucially for them to fight, scream, and bite until adults come to help.

9. Don’t let them know

Your child needs to know that they shouldn’t let strangers know that they are alone in the house.

If the stranger is very persistent and starts trying to break in, then the child should phone their parents or neighbors as soon as possible.

10. Avoid meeting online friends alone

Your children need to be aware of the dangers of meeting people online.

They may be friends on the internet, but in reality, your child could be talking to a 40-year-old man who means to harm your child.

Teaching your child to be safe on the internet is crucial to keeping them safe in real life. They need to know not to send nude pictures of having inappropriate conversations with others online.

But, if you’re a child is desperate to meet a friend, insist that you go with them. That way you can see if the online friend is who they say they are.

Keeping our children safe is one of the most important things a parent has to do.

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