17 Yummy Food Hacks That You’ll Want To Try Yourself!

17 Yummy Food Hacks That You’ll Want To Try Yourself!

Thanks to life hacks, you really do learn something new everyday!

Here are some of the yummiest food hacks that are bound to make your mouth water!

Taco Time

Stop your taco fillings from falling out by folding the entire thing in a lettuce leaf. It’s a great excuse to eat some extra veggies on Taco Tuesdays!


Tired of your burgers falling apart every time you take a bite into them? Why not try eating them upside-down?!

Your Toast

You’ll also enjoy your toast a lot more if you eat it upside down, especially if it has jam or peanut butter on it! You get more flavor your tastebuds that way!

Fold Out

Did you know that your Chinese takeout containers turn into plates when you unfold them? Just remember to remove the thin metal handles first!

Goey Cookies

Gooey cookies are the best, end of debate. But keeping them goey is tricky. The best way is to store them in a plastic bag and place a slice of bread inside. Go ahead and try it!

Leftover Pizza

If you need to reheat leftover pizza, don’t bother putting it in the microwave or the oven. Use a frying pan or a skillet instead! This melts your toppings perfectly while keeping the crust crispy.

Paper Towel

Use a wet paper towel to cover a dish full of rice when you’re reheating it in the microwave. This will prevent it from getting too hard, meaning it remains soft and flavorful.

Olive Oil

If you like spice then you should try pouring some olive oil into an empty Sriracha bottle. It will give your cooking an extra kick!

You’ll be able to control the portions of your cooking oil much better too!

Ice Patrol

You can stop your ice cream from getting hard to scoop by placing the container in a large plastic bag in the freezer.

Neat Slice

Slice your mushrooms with ease with an egg slicer. Doing it any other way can be too difficult! 

Natural Oil

Keep the oil in your peanut butter at the bottom by storing the jar upside down on the shelf. It’ll spread much easier!

Perfect 57

Try tapping on the number “57” on the bottle. This is will allow the ketchup to pour out more steadily.

Perfect Pour

Try pouring your orange juice from the opposite direction. The juice will flow out in a steadier stream. 

Hard Case

Pistachios are delicious but every once in a while you get a shell that is sealed shut. Thankfully, you can use the shell of another pistachio to open those stubborn ones.


If you use circular deli meats or cheeses for your sandwiches, try cutting them into semicircles, you’ll have an easier time making sandwiches this way.

Hot Cup

Keep your drinks warmer for longer, by filling your mug with boiling water, then empty your mug before pouring in the actual drink into it.


Putting your orange in the freezer for 15 minutes before you eat it will make the fruit become easier to peel. But that’s not all. The white stuff will stick to the peel rather than the fleshy peel fruit.

Grilled Fish

Cook your fish to perfection by grilling it on a bed of lemon slices. This will give the fish some extra flavor!

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