Young Man Tries To Buy Leggings For Girlfriend, Gets Confused And Frightened

Young Man Tries To Buy Leggings For Girlfriend, Gets Confused And Frightened

They say that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, and it’s not hard to see why. Although we love each other very much, it does feel like we live in completely different worlds at times.
Even for those of us in a couple, this remains true – we’re driven by different things, interpret things differently, and respond to events in different ways.
One of the times that this becomes most obvious is when when men have to shop for women-specific items, such as lipstick, or – heaven forbid – feminine hygiene products.

Pictured below are 22-year-old Taylor-Anne Gallagher and her boyfriend, Tim. Taylor-Anne works part-time while attending university in Ipswich, a town in the South-east of England in the UK.

Recently, while Tim was out shopping for Taylor-Anne’s birthday, she sent him a message asking him to buy some leggings for her while she was out.

By the way, she wasn’t just being a spoiled princess here – she was just asking her man to do her a favour because she couldn’t make it to the store herself.

“I was at work all weekend and needed some new leggings and didn’t have the time, so I asked him to grab me some,” she explained to a reporter from BuzzFeed News.

Unfortunately for Taylor-Anne, but fortunately for the rest of us, Tim had never bought leggings before, and so he was more than a little confused when he got to the store.
He just wasn’t prepared for the overwhelming amount of choice involved in a seemingly simple task like buying a pair of leggings. I mean, there are so many colours, styles, sizes, fits… it’s all just too much for a guy who is probably used to buying the same size pair of jeans every time.
Struggling to understand just which leggings Taylor-Anne wanted, Tim sent her a series of hilarious WhatsApp messages documenting his struggles. You can really feel the panic and confusion that was going through his mind.
Check the messages out below:

“There’s so many different types of leggings,” wrote Tim. “Why? For what reason?”

“I fail to understand the need for eight thousand different types of black leggings.”

“Oh so now I’ve spotted that they have different thicknesses as well.”

In case you weren’t counting, that’s a total of 22 messages to his girlfriend without reply. As you can tell from this one-sided exchange, he wasn’t having the best of times on this shopping trip, and he was forced to mentally ‘go to his happy place’.
Bless his heart – he was clearly in over his head! However, the most important thing was that the thought was there, and that he was trying hi sbest. He clearly cared enough about his girlfriend to get it right, even if that meant having a mild anxiety episode in the process.

On Monday, Taylor-Anne tweeted the above screencap of the exchange that demonstrated Tim’s struggles, and it quickly went viral on Twitter.

It’s no wonder that it went viral really – it’s such a relatable story for most guys out there.

Thousands of people responded to the tweet of Tim’s text messages, with a lot of them retweeting it with supportive comments for Tim. At the time of writing, Taylor-Anne’s tweet picked up over 10,000 retweets.

It seems that the couple are very much enjoying their 15 minutes of viral fame.

“Some guys do struggle to know what us women want at times,” said Taylor-Anne, but she went on to say how pleased she had been at the response to the viral tweet:
“A lot of the replies have been people relating and just appreciating him and telling me what a good boyfriend I have, which is lovely as it’s come from both girls and guys”
I guess the girls found it hilarious that Tim had struggled so much on a trip that they would probably enjoy, and the guys empathized because they’d been in a similar position before!
He’s clearly a decent guy, though, and very funny to boot. He’s not bad to look at either – it looks like Taylor-Anne might have herself a keeper!
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