This Woman Told Doctors Not To Stop Hurting Her No Matter How Much She Begged

This Woman Told Doctors Not To Stop Hurting Her No Matter How Much She Begged

Some people go a long way to prove their point. Especially if it’s for a cause that they really passionately believe in, and want other people to get on board with.

But how far would you go to make people see that something is wrong? Would you protest about it? Maybe go on a march and sing chants, or chain yourself to a fence and refuse to move until things change?

How about hurting yourself?

People throughout history have gone on hunger strike, refusing food and sustenance until the change that they believe in has begun. So it’s not unheard of for somebody to go through a lot of pain just to get their point across.

But what about letting somebody else hurt you?

Would you give yourself over to somebody else, telling them they could cause whatever pain they wanted to you, just to bring attention to the cause you believe in?

Sounds a little extreme, right? Or maybe even sadomasochistic.

But that’s exactly what artist Jacqueline Traide did, in front of a shocked audience on a busy street in London, UK.

She was highlighting animal rights, and specifically the issue of animal testing. Every day all around the world, hundreds of companies test thousands of products on countless animals, just to see if they’re safe for people to use.

A lot of these experiments are done by the cosmetics industry. So some people are angry that things that most people don’t actually need – a kind of luxury item – are being tested on animals who have no choice in the matter.

The Lush brand of cosmetics try to be different, using vegan ingredients and never testing their products on animals. In the fight against animal testing, they gave the front window of their Regent Street store in London to Jacqueline Traide to stage her animal rights protest.

You can see from this video how forceful and rough the experiments were!

What happened shocked passers by, when they saw Jacqueline dressed in a flesh colored body suit to make her look naked being experimented upon by a doctor.

She told the doctor to continue to experimented on her, even if the pain became unbearable, and she begged the doctors to stop what they were doing.

As you can see from the disturbing pictures, procedures included being force fed and humiliated, with her mouth bound open with medical instruments.

She had her head shaved too, and eye drops poured into her eyes, in a grim reflection of what she claims actually goes on in an animal testing laboratory.

Pretty horrific stuff.

People were shocked when this protest took place back in 2012, but the issue hasn’t gone away, with people taking both sides.

Some said that this was just a publicity stunt by the Lush cosmetics brand, that they didn’t really care about animal testing and it wouldn’t make much of a difference.

Others thought this was a good cause but that the artists’ protest was just too graphic in front of a busy street full of people, including small children.

Then again, some people thought it was an important issue to draw attention to, pointing out that similar things happen to animals every day, but no cameras are present to capture it.

What do you think? Is this a worthwhile protest to make, or do you think Jacqueline Traide went about making her point in the wrong way?

Do you consider animal testing when you’re buying cosmetics, and if you don’t would images like this make you think twice about buying cosmetic products?

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