Woman Cruelly Rips Into Her Fiance For Buying A ‘Small Ring’ After Finding The Receipt

Woman Cruelly Rips Into Her Fiance For Buying A ‘Small Ring’ After Finding The Receipt

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting times of a woman’s life.

It’s the start of a new chapter in her life, and most importantly, it marks the beginning of months and months of intensive, rigorous and very particular wedding planning.

Whether  you’re a hopeless romantic or a complete and utter Ice Queen, it goes without saying that almost every woman has fantasied about the very day your partner chooses to propose to you.

And with all that fantasising, we can bet that most women will have their dream wedding already planned out to a T, even if a proposal isn’t on the cards any time soon.

And despite what some people still think, proposals shouldn’t be about the expensive rings and the perfectly scenic and romantic setting, but most importantly, it’s about your love for one another.

Some women would even go so far to accept a Haribo ring from their partner.

But that certainly wasn’t the case for one woman, who has caused quite a stir given her reaction to her engagement ring.

In an anonymous post on MumsNet, the woman was noted to be asking other people for advice after her partner popped the question. 

That’s nothing out of the ordinary and no big deal, right? Well yes, it kind of is when you learn exactly what the woman was seeking advice for.

Shockingly, the woman was seen to actually be complaining about the expense that her partner had spent on her engagement ring. Yes you read that correctly, the woman was actually using MumsNet to voice her disappointment that her partner had not spent enough, or brought a big enough engagement ring for her.

Unbelievable, there really isn’t any pleasing some people!

That being said, endless years of fantasizing about the perfect proposal can inevitably create high expectations, high expectations which may be particularly hard to meet and can inevitably lead some women to feel disappointed, upset and let down when the real proposal occurs.

In the post in question the anonymous writer said:

”DP proposed and presented me with the ring he’d chosen – a diamond solitaire in white gold. I was so happy and excited to accept but was disappointed when I first saw the ring.The first word that entered my head was ‘small’.”

Reading that post, most people might actually pity the woman and the fact that she has completely dismissed the thought behind the proposal. Instead of being overwhelmed with joy and excitement at this next chapter in her life, the woman has disregarded her fiance’s  efforts, allowing his expression of love for her to go unnoticed by focussing on the fact that the proposal is  not good enough for her.

”There’s nothing to dislike about the type of ring per se, as a diamond solitaire would have been my choice, but it’s the whole thing – the colour of the gold, the setting, the small stone and relatively chunky shoulders.”

And things quickly went from bad to worse for the anonymous user’s fiance as she had also found the receipt for her engagement ring. Oh dear…

As far as this bitterly twisted, ungrateful fiancé was concerned, her partner hadn’t forked out enough money on her ring. In a shocking attempt to justify her anger, the woman even went out of her way to post exactly what her fiancé earned. Of course, this was to demonstrate that she wasn’t sounding too materialistic and she didn’t have unrealistic expectations of how much her partner should really  be splashing out on engagements rings. But not surprisingly, most of us remain utterly disgusted at her post and her attempts at justifying herself are nothing but futile.

”His salary is nearing a 6 figure sum, and he’s usually very generous. Having seen the receipt I know he paid $1,674  for it – which is a lot less than I would have imagined he would have spent on such a significant piece of jewelry.”

You would be forgiven for assuming that her partner simply entered the jewelry store and selected the ring he thought his future wife would like, as opposed to the one that had that would be the most impressively priced.

It was clear that this user needed to find a way to rectify the situation and to tell her fiancé that she’d like a different, fancier ring, and more expensive ring.  

Let’s be honest, that’s going to be a very awkward topic of conversation.

And the horror doesn’t end there as things took a dramatic turn for the worst.

”He’ll be more disappointed in me for making a fuss over it when, in his eyes, it fits, and there’s nothing actually wrong with it rather than being disappointed that I’m not truly happy with it.

Someone at work apparently told him that ‘if she makes it all about the ring, then she’s not the girl for you’.”

Let’s hope her partner didn’t notice her disappointment in the ring, otherwise we can only assume that their relationship is going to be on the line and they might not make it up the aisle after all. 

Most loving girlfriends would have learned to love the ring, even if they weren’t overjoyed by it’s appearance, it’s the gesture and thought behind it that really matters.  And after all, the size and the price of an engagement ring has no real value when you’re making the commitment to spend the rest of your life with a person.

”Ideally I would have loved for us to have chosen a ring together and made a special day finding one we both liked.

As it’s something I’ll be wearing every day and is such a special piece of jewelry I wanted to really love it, and I just don’t.

Has anyone else been in this situation? What did you do?”

Not surprisingly, it didn’t take long for the majority of MumsNet users to respond to the post. But it perhaps wasn’t the response that the woman was looking for, as most of the responders condemned the poster for asking for advice to such a materialistic problem.

One user wrote:

”If you’d said you didn’t like the style I’d have been fairly sympathetic. But if it’s simply not big and flashy enough… It sounds like you’re more interested in showing off the ring than you are in him.”

We can’t help but agree with that comment, it’s certainly what the majority of us have been thinking all along.

However, not everyone was too quick to criticise the women for voicing her lack of gratitude in the very  tricky situation and several users leaped to her defence.

One MumsNet user responded by saying:

”You will get flamed for this, and people will call you grabby, but I can see where you are coming from – not the cost per se but the fact [that you] will be wearing it every day, and [you] are not totally in love with it. I can see both viewpoints.”

So, what do you think about the woman’s complaint? Do you think she was justified to be disappointed or do you think that she was being ungrateful and materialistic? 

Let us know what you think in the COMMENTS. I’d really love to hear your thoughts on this!

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