Wife Discovers Her Husband Is Cheating Mid-Flight, Then Gets So Angry She Diverts The Plane

Wife Discovers Her Husband Is Cheating Mid-Flight, Then Gets So Angry She Diverts The Plane

If you’re a lowdown, dirty, lying, cheating scumbag with the sense of loyalty of a cockroach… life can be pretty difficult for you these days!

I mean, how is your regular dirtbag meant to get any cheating done when there are so many ways to be caught?

It’s almost as if… I don’t know, you SHOULDN’T cheat on people or something, and break off one relationship if you’re not feeling it anymore before firing up sexy times with the next person.

Seems like some people are like a monkey in a tree, though. Nope, not flinging poop at each other, but never letting go of one branch until they’ve grabbed on to the next! Well, maybe the poop thing too.

It’s just that sometimes those branches spring back and smack you in the face. Just ask this guy.

In what has to be the most understandable reaction of all time, a woman found out her man was cheating on her mid flight, and went freakin’ WILD.

The enraged woman forced the airliner she was traveling on to make an emergency landing after she discovered that her husband was apparently cheating on her.

Because if you’re gonna make a scene, you might as well go the whole hog and do it mid air, creating an international incident.

Good on her, I say.

The woman is apparently an Iranian national, and she was travelling from Doha to Bali. The flight from the Bahrain capital of Doha to Bali in Indonesia takes about 9 hours 45 minutes non-stop, and the woman was with her husband and child on the Qatar Airways flight on Sunday, according to a report from India’s Hindustan Times on Tuesday.

It turns out that during the near 10-hour flight over the Indian Ocean, the wife’s suspicions were raised, she saw her chance and boy did she take it.

While her husband slept, she cleverly moved his hand, and used his own fingerprints to unlock the fingerprint-protected phone he thought was keeping all of his secrets.

A quick look through his messages revealed the husband’s alleged affair in all its sordid detail.

That’s when the cr*p really hit the fan, and the woman hit the roof. But that wasn’t all that got hit, oh no!

She was so angered by the discovery, that the woman reportedly started to wail on her husband, and rained down blows on him when she found out that he had been playing around.

Not quite understanding the situation but realizing something had to be done for the safety of other passengers, cabin crew on the Qatar Airways flight bravely tried to step in.

They intervened, but the woman was so enraged that were unable to calm the situation and stop her attacking her husband.

Maybe if they had known exactly what the argument was all about, they would have left her alone to beat the heck out of her unfaithful man for the rest of the plane journey!

Even though it served him right, other passengers around them were obviously in danger, with limbs and fists flying everywhere.

It quickly became clear that the whole episode was spiralling way out of control. When word reached the cockpit of the chaos erupting in the cabin, the pilots decided to take action.

They were forced to make an unscheduled stop in the southern Indian city of Chennai, roughly halfway through the plane’s journey, in order to calm the situation.

When the plane landed in India the authorities were waiting, and the feuding couple were quickly booted off the flight, taking their child with them.

The woman, her husband and their child were taken off the plane, which then resumed its journey to Indonesia without them.

An unnamed security official told the Hindustan Times newspaper:

“The family spent the day at Chennai airport and was sent to Kuala Lumpur by a Batik Air flight. No police action was taken,” the official said.

Sheesh, that must have been an awkward day spent in the airport, followed by another tense 5 hour flight! What if she got all riled up and started beating the snot out of him again?

We’re used to hearing an increasing amount of stories about incidents on planes and also so-called ‘air rage’, but this really is an unusual story!

What’s amazing is that the woman clearly didn’t give a single cr*p that she was on a plane full of people, she just… well, flew at her cheating husband! Good on her!

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