Have You Been Wearing Your Underwear Wrong Your Whole Life?

Have You Been Wearing Your Underwear Wrong Your Whole Life?

Underwear. We wear it every single day and honestly, unless you’re wearing something for a specific outfit, who puts too much thought into it? You just put them on, get dressed and forget about them for the whole day, right? Well maybe we should be putting more thought into our undies, and we’ve found six pieces of underwear advice that will change your underwear game forever, and may open your eyes to the bad underwear choices you’ve been making.

1. Never wear your underwear for more than one day

Come on people, I know that every single one of us has a lazy snobbish side but there’s no excuse for re-wearing your underwear. Just suck it up and do some laundry if you’re running short on underwear, dirty underwear could be harbouring bacteria and other grossness that could give you an infection. Just wash your undies, ladies!

2. Always change your underwear after you exercise

Alright, let’s be honest here, who’s finished exercising and forgotten to change their underwear afterwards? It happens sometimes, we’re not proud of it, but it happens even though we know it shouldn’t! If you don’t change your underwear after your work out you could find yourself ending up with an infection as the dark, warm area is perfect for bacteria to thrive. Always pack a spare pair of underwear when you go to the gym, just do it!

3. Stay away from thongs

Okay, okay, we love our thongs when it comes to getting rid of a visible panty line, but they’re not the best choice for everyday wear, and not for the reason you might think. Thongs aren’t the mopst hygienic underwear as the string can cause E. Coli to spread from your anus to your vagina. Skip the E. Coli, skip the thong, stick to the granny panties, they’re more comfortable anyway!


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