Would You Wear These Hair-Raising Selfie Nails?

Would You Wear These Hair-Raising Selfie Nails?

What’s the craziest nail trend you’ve ever seen? Was it that one from not long back where people were putting 100 coats of nail varnish on each nail? How about the pierced nails? Or the pom-pom nails? You can’t forget those weird looking duck nails. Well all of these pale in comparison to the newest weird nail trend on the block, hairy selfie nails! Yep, you read this right, do not adjust your set, just take a look at these crazy selfie nails!

The brain child of visual artist Dain Yoon, these nails take weird to the next level. Yoon is known for her surreal style and often uses herself as the focus of her artworks, so of course selfies are going to bring her some serious inspiration. Her Instagram is full of these weird and wonderful visual works.

Yoon created this bizarre nail art by taking five selfies of herself and painting them onto her fingernails. Each selfie has a different expression and is completed with individual strands of hair, glued onto the base of the nail. I mean, I know I take a long time on my manicure, but this is another level!

As if all of the work that goes into creating these nails weren’t enough, can you imagine maintaining a style like this? I mean, sometimes I don’t even wash the hair on my head for days, never mind hair on my nails! Would each one take individual styling? And how would you even shampoo your hair while wearing these anyway? I have so many questions right now.

There are so many things you’d struggle to do while wearing these nails! For starters, how would you use your smartphone? Or keyboard? Imagine trying to type anything with these on! And you wouldn’t be able to cook anything more complex than toast and even eating that would be disastrous if the crumbs got stuck in your nail hair. And what if you got something in your eye? Good luck getting it out again with all of that hair getting in your way!

Opinions are varied on these crazy nails, with some people thinking they’re adorable and creative, while others think they’re horror movie levels of creepy. Other people just worry about how hygienic they are, and I have to agree that they raise some questions about how you’d go about keeping them clean.

The thing that I’m really wondering about is how you’d go about cleaning them off when you’d had enough of looking at your face on every single one of your fingers every day? Would normal nail polish remover work? Or would you need something with serious industrial strength to shift all of that paint and hair? I’d go crazy if my fingers were stuck with my face on them forever!

What do you think of this bizarre new nail trend? Would you want to wear them yourself or would they drive you crazy? Let us know in the comments, we’re waiting to hear what you think! And don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family too!