Wealthy Neighbourhood Causes Outrage By Covering Trees With Metal Spikes to Stop Bird Poop

It’s not something that we think about when buying a new car, but it is basically inevitable that, at some point, a bird will poop on it.

If you’re lucky, it won’t happen that often, but it’s basically part and parcel of owning a vehicle, and sooner or later we will have to get the scraper out of the garage. Chest la vie.

But try telling that to these residents of a wealthy neighbourhood in Bristol, UK, who have taken extreme measures to stop the above situation from happening.

Bristol, which lies in the South West of England, is a fairly affluent town in general, and is well-known for its thriving arts and culture scene.

The neighbourhood in question is a suburb of the city called Clifton, where houses can sell for upwards of a million dollars, which is unheard of in some other cities in the UK.

The locals may be very well off, but that can’t stop birds pooping on their car from time to time. Or can it?

As you can see from the picture above, the suburb’s wealthy residents have resorted to covering the trees in their neighbourhood with large metal spikes in order to stop birds from sitting on the trees under which they park their cars.

This has drawn a great deal of outrage from activists in the local community, with local Green Party Councillor Paula O’Rourke commenting to press that these modifications had left the trees “literally uninhabitable to birds”, as well as being an eyesore.

I’m aware that the landowner might be legally within their rights to do this to the trees as they seem to be on private land”, she said.

“Whether allowed or not though, it looks awful and it’s a shame to see trees being literally made uninhabitable to birds – presumably for the sake of car parking.

“Sometimes it’s too easy to lose sight of the benefit that we all gain from trees and green spaces and from the presence of wildlife around us in the city.”

However, a local resident, who chose to remain anonymous, defended the use of the spikes, saying: “The spikes are solely to protect the cars, there is no other reason.


“There is a big problem with bird droppings around here. They can really make a mess of cars, and for some reason the birds do seem to congregate around this area.

“We did try other methods to scare off the birds. I think we had a wooden bird of prey in the branches, but that didn’t seem to do anything.”

But other residents of Bristol, which is a famously left-wing city, have complained that the spikes show a complete lack of consideration for the wildlife and natural surrounding of the city.

Bristol attracts thousands and thousands of tourists every year, from across the UK and outside of the country. One of the reasons for this is the city’s many luscious green spaces.

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The issue does raise a lot of questions about getting the balance right between nature and private property rights, which are obviously both important.

What do you think about the dispute? Is this something you’d consider doing, or is it cruel to the birds? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!