Watch This Girl’s Painful Looking Wipeout In A Waterslide Accident

Watch This Girl’s Painful Looking Wipeout In A Waterslide Accident

Waterslides! They’re all fun and games until somebody gets hurt. Then they’re fun and games for other people while you get to go to the hospital!

If you enjoy them safely, there’s no better family activity than to cool off at a water park. On a sunny day they’re just as perfect for people who want to kick back and relax as they are for people who wanna fling themselves headlong down a 200 foot tube.

So grab your spare tire inflatable ring thing, because we’re off to a water park for this outrageous clip that was posted on YouTube!

It has people laughing, a lot of people wincing, and probably a whole load of parents vowing never to take their kids to water parks ever, ever again!

Hey, all I can say is that they’re great fun if you stay sensible and everybody is properly supervised.

Rules are there for a reason, and they’re not there to be broken.

But you KNOW that this water park has just introduced a brand new policy for this slide: only one person is allowed on at any one time!

Why is that? Well, I think you already know the answer to that, but take a look at this painful video to see exactly what the deal is.

The video is only 15 seconds long. How wrong can things go in that length of time? Turns out, plenty can go wrong in a little over 14 seconds!

We open up on two girls stuck in the middle of a water slide. I guess it’s happened to all of us, even though nobody knows how.

Gravity stops working! Somehow we lose all our momentum or there’s some sort of breaking system in place. Or maybe you’re just too light and you need to eat more freakin’ cake.

Anyhow, they’re stuck on the water slide. Trying to paddle along with their hands. It’s a pretty funny situation, and we’ve all looked kinda silly doing this. Well, things are about to take a hilariously dramatic turn!

One of their friends either decides that enough is enough and she just wants her turn on the slide already, and ain’t nothing gonna stop her!

It’s either that or she figures she’s doing her bikini buddies a favor by dislodging them! Maybe she thought she was taking the express tube down, then she could stop and help them!

She might even have just thought, “I’m gonna crash into those b*tches and get real famous on YouTube”.

Well, she failed on all counts. Apart from the last one.

Go ahead and watch, and prepare for the moment she comes zooming down that slide at the speed of freakin’ sound!

Nothing can get you ready for the sickening thud that rings out when they make contact, and pile on down the slide in a broken heap of messy limbs.

Yikes! That has ‘hospital visit’ written all over it!

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