Unicorn Armpit Hair Could Be 2018 Weirdest Beauty Trend

Unicorn Armpit Hair Could Be 2018 Weirdest Beauty Trend

Personally, I believe that you should be allowed to do anything you want to. As long as it’s not hurting anyone, each to their own!

But sadly we live in a world that doesn’t share my view, and there are some people who will willingly shame you and make you feel bad if you don’t follow their view of the world.

One of the areas of life where this frequently happens is the female body.

The female body and female chooses has been a long debated topic of conversation.

Many people think that women should look and act in a certain way, giving us all impossible standards to live up to.

One of these long-debated issues with the female body relates to female body hair and what is to be done with it.

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Body hair has always been a contentious issue, especially in recent years. A lot of women are expected to be clean-shaven everywhere, even if it means spending their evenings wrestling with waxing strips and razors on a weekly basis.

Do you know how hard doing that is?

Body hair won’t hurt anyone, and at the end of the day, it’s the person’s choice to shave it or not.

If your choice to keep your armpit hair then you have a number of things you can do with it.

You could keep it as it is, or you could dye it a different color.

We dye our hair, so why not our armpit hair?

Some people like to dye it different colors, from blonde all the way to neon yellow.

But there are some people who are really going the extra mile for fashion and feminism.

Over the past year, we’ve seen a big rise in third wave feminism, and it’s washed all over the western world.

There have been big discussions on equality between sexes louder than ever.

It was inspired by the presidential win of Donald Trump and the outrageous allegations against Hollywood elites like Harvey Weinstein.

Let’s just say that women have decided to fight back!

These two movements combined has seen an explosion of bright colors on our Instagram feeds and Pinterest accounts. It’s even started to seep into everyday life.

From pretty pastels to neon rainbows, the trend is completely open to interpretation.

More and more women around the world are relinquishing the firm grip they have on their razors, and the world is beginning to see body hair in a whole new way.

The razor free and dyed body hair trend has been encouraged by a number of celebrities like Paris Jackson who comfortably paired her Dior gown with armpit fuzz at the MTV Video Music Awards.

What can I say? Fluff has become fashionable.

As with all things, the minute that it became a hot trend, there were some people on hand to make a profit from it. 

But, how do you make money from body hair? Make it Instagrammable, duh!

And that’s how the unicorn armpit was born!

This new trend sees young women, and even men, around the world dying their underarm hair a series of bright colors. From neon green, acid yellow, all the way to pastel purple and other lovely colors.


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