Uncle Goes To Meet His Newborn Niece In A Suit And Tie, The Reason Why Will Astonish You

Uncle Goes To Meet His Newborn Niece In A Suit And Tie, The Reason Why Will Astonish You

You know what they say, first impressions matter. But what if the person you were meeting for the first time wouldn’t remember you? In that situation, do first impressions really matter?

According to Grant, an 18-year-old boy from Pickering, Ohio, he thought that it was still important to leave a lasting impression on his newborn niece.

Olivia Kessler, Grant’s sister recently gave birth to a baby girl, named Carter, this week. But Olivia and the rest of the family were shocked when they saw Grant arrive at the hospital dressed in his Sunday best.


When he arrived at the hospital in Columbus, he surprised the family by dressing up in a suit and tie. He even wore a tie pin!

All the other members of his family were dressed casually.

But why did Grant feel the need to dress up in a suit and tie? The answer might just surprise you.

When Grant was asked by his 16-year-old sister, Iris, why he was dressed up so nice, he replied with a heart warming answer.

Grant simply explained that ‘first impressions matter’.

Iris tweeted her brother’s response, as well as a photo of him dressed up in his suit.

It wasn’t long before the photo went viral. The original tweet has got 126k shares, and more than 420k likes.

The story also gathered a lot of attention with various news stations.

‘While everyone was dressed casually, I was wearing a suit,’ Grant told USA TODAY.

‘I do think that first impressions matter a lot and I wanted Carter to look back on that day with photos and see the attention she was getting.’


What do you think about Grant’s first meeting with his newborn niece, Carter? Will he leave a lasting impression on her? Let us know in the COMMENTS.