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If you ask most children what they think of Disney World, you’ll get the same answer. For little ones, this is a truly magical place, where they can see and meet their favorite characters. While there’s just no doubt that every child loves this attraction park, for some it really is a place where dreams come true.

When one little girl, Shaylee Mansfield, visited the place, she found that anything really is possible. You see, both she and her mother are deaf. When Shaylee was really young, things were a struggle. Her parents thought that there was no chance that anyone would be able to sign and communicate with her. Yet, she now goes to a school where EVERYONE knows sign language. That means that she is getting the happy, integrated childhood her parents never thought she would have.

When the family travelled to Disney World, though, they believed that there was no way that Shaylee would be able to chat to her heroes there.

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After she and her sister posed for a photo with Minnie Mouse, though, something happened that truly shocked them. Minnie had ACTUALLY been learning sign language in her spare time.

That meant that Shaylee could have a quick chat with one of her all-time favorite Disney characters. The smile on her face, when she realizes that Minnie is speaking to her is absolutely amazing!

“It made her proud of her own language. She made that connection,” her dad later explained. It must have been truly brilliant for him to see how very happy it made Shaylee. It just goes to show that, if we all make a little more effort to reach out to people, anything is possible.

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