Are These Trainers Pink And White Or Blue And Grey? It Is Confusing Everyone

Are These Trainers Pink And White Or Blue And Grey? It Is Confusing Everyone

We have another optical illusion on our hands. For those of you who have not been living under a rock, you will likely remember about two years ago an Instagram user unknowingly posted a picture of her dress online.

This quickly went viral. I mean viralllllll.

But why? Well, you know why.

Little did she know that this one image would be the image of 2015, shared across the entire planet and become one of the greatest debates in modern history.

It is, of course, the black and blue/white and gold dress. If you have missed this, where have you been???

What do you see??? I see black and blue and still to this day, I do not get why anyone can see gold and white.

But, before we unearth some old arguments. Let’s take a look at a new image that has taken the spotlight in recent days.

A Facebook user named Nicole Coulthard found a screenshot of her trainers (do not ask me why) and posted this online, but no one (and I mean no-one) can seem to decide on what colour this particular trainer really is.

Yessss, before everyone starts piping up, it is, of course, an optical illusion. But, what colours do you see?

Do you see blue and grey? If so you will agree with around half of the online population. Or do you see pink and white? Well, that is what the other half see and honestly, they are wrong.

This picture gives you some indication of what different people are actually seeing  – or what they claim to see.

The smart arses online are saying the colour difference is something to do with the camera flash – distorting the light etc. But that does not explain why in one image some people see pink and white and others see blue and grey?

It really is baffling. I mean there are videos out there that try and explain the difference, and these emerged after the blue and black dress saga. But, do you really want to spend your timing finding out, or just arguing with your friends? Hahaha

Nicole is yet to reveal what colour her trainer is, so no-one may ever know the actual colour. I might ring her and find out.

The only question is, does it mean something about you if you see it differently? Because I personally see neither. I see green rather than blue, but maybe I am colour blind or just odd.