Totally Innocent Things Kids Did That Looked Dirty To Their Parents

Totally Innocent Things Kids Did That Looked Dirty To Their Parents

Kids are so innocent and sweet that they have no idea that sometimes, what they’re doing just ain’t right! Luckily, these kids had their parents around to catch all of the totally innocent but a little bit dirty looking stuff they did on camera. Get ready to giggle because here they come!

1. I’ve dated a few pigs in my time but this is ridiculous!


2. Ken doesn’t even look happy about it


3. That’s some really inventive cookie decoration there, kiddo

4. This little guy’s just hungry!

5. 3/10 for spelling, 10/10 for intent

6. “My 8 week old son always stares at my boobs after I get out of the shower. This was his expression this morning.”

7. Keep your dirty mind in check, it’s a kids fishing trophy!

8. And this is a totally innocent bird house! Seriously, your mind is filthy!

9. They look so proud of themselves, too.

10. Nothing dirty here, just a creative way of teaching about reproduction. It’s science, people!

11. These kids have creative ideas about what cookies should look like.

12. No sweetie, you can’t take your new jumprope to school today… or ever.

13. “My girlfriend’s 6 year old son started screaming “I found the golden ticket!!” Repeatedly as he ran up to her holding this”

14. Careful kiddo, if this wasn’t a mannequin you’d be giving someone quite a fright!

15. Who designed this?!

16. Apparently this is an egg tower. Why, what did you think it was?

17. And this is clearly a rocket ship, I’ve got no idea what you were thinking of!

18. Maybe turn this around before you leave the house, okay?

19. This is meant to be cotton candy… and why would you think it was meant to be anything else?

20. Okay, even I can’t guess what this was really supposed to be! Any ideas?

21. This little guy’s a big hip-hop fan. He’s even drawn his own turntables!

22. Trust this kid to find the only boobs in the thrift store!

23. New, from Apple, it’s…

24. Maybe it’s time to go over that spelling homework again…

25. At least this little girl enjoyed her trip to Disney!

26. This little girl enjoyed Disney so much that she wanted to give Rafiki a kiss goodbye, she was just too innocent to realise that this wasn’t the best idea.

27. This kids art project was apparently supposed to be a “taco fish”. I’ll say no more.

28. No sweetie, those aren’t fishing rods…

29. He’s just curious, that’s all!

3o. Playing dress up in Mom’s shoes is seriously tiring work, you know!

31. He’s just really getting into the spirit of this art exhibition.

32. Keep your hands to yourself, buddy!

33. I think somebody needs to find some much better hiding places!

34. This has really broken his heart for some reason!

35. Maybe elephant face paint wasn’t the best idea this kid has ever had.

36. She’s so proud of this ice cream she’s made, don’t say anything about it, just let her be happy, okay?

37. Stop it with your dirty mind you filthy animal, you know as well as I do that this is a tortoise!

38. I love how shocked this guy is. Could this picture have been taken at a more perfect moment?

Whew! We’ve made it through all 38 of those totally innocent pictures! Now go and wash your brains out with soap you dirty minded lot! And if these gave you a good laugh, don’t forget to COMMENT and SHARE this article with your friends!