This Scientific Study Says It Can Tell If Your Partner’s Been Cheating On You

This Scientific Study Says It Can Tell If Your Partner’s Been Cheating On You

Cheating is a sensitive subject, mostly because it’s universally acknowledged that it’s a terrible thing to do to someone and yet people do it anyway! It drives people crazy, drives people to tears and fascinates everyone who’s ever watched an episode of Cheaters. But if you had a sure fire way to tell whether your partner had been cheating on you at any point in your relationship, would you do it? Because a recent scientific study may have found a way to determine if your partner is faithful or not.

No, we’re not talking about a lie detector or a Maury-style paternity test, we’re talking about a scientific study to see if cheaters could be identified. According to this study, the key to knowing if your other half is a cheat is to just listen to their voice. This study seems to show that the tone of your voice can say a lot about your relationships and whether you’ve been entirely faithful. Sounds like all we need to do is listen!

In order to prove their theory that it’s all in the voice, the authors of this study, Susan Hughes and Marissa Harrison, assembled a group of 152 undergraduate students that were willing to be put to the test. The group included 64 men and 88 woman, who had to sit and listen to voice samples and decide whether or not the people in the recordings had cheated or not.

But why were they listening to people speak in the first place? The authors of the study wrote that “Evidence suggests that many physical, behavioural, and trait qualities can be detected solely from the sound of a person’s voice, irrespective of the semantic information conveyed through speech.” It seems like everything you say can be used to determine whether or not you’ve been faithful to your partner! That’s a little bit scary even if you know you’re innocent!

The people taking part in the test had to listen to people read the numbers one to ten and decide whether or not the people on the recording sounded like cheaters or not. All of the people on the recordings were in monogamous relationships and half of the people recorded had admitted to cheating on their partner before. It was found that most of the time, people could accurately guess which of the recorded voices were more likely to cheat, even when the pitch of the voice was altered. Looks like you can sound like a cheater!

But how accurate is this test? The authors of the study admitted that there’s still much more research to be done before they can say it’s 100% certain, writing that “While we cannot exactly pinpoint all the features about a voice that our perceptual system is using to make this assessment, we know that pitch plays a role, but does not represent the entire picture.” Sounds to me like the best way to find out if you’ve been cheated on is to simply talk to your partner!

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