‘Thighlighting’ Is The Hottest Hollywood Plastic Surgery Trends

‘Thighlighting’ Is The Hottest Hollywood Plastic Surgery Trends

Everyone has their thoughts on beauty and what makes something beautiful.

Like they say, beauty is in the heart of the beholder.

But while we may consider someone beautiful and attractive that person may consider themselves hideous.

If someone isn’t happy with the way they look, they can change it. Either with makeup, a new hairdo, new clothes, or (in some extreme cases) plastic surgery.

From time to time most of us would have contemplated plastic surgery. It’s just one of those things.

While most of us admit it’s something we wouldn’t have done to ourselves, we still think about what we could have done.

Most people think about having their nose changed, or having a facelift, or even having a tummy tuck. But just because you think about it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen.

I think about ordering a salad whenever I got to McDonald’s but I know I’m never going to do it.

Obviously, I’m not going to tell you not to do something. It’s your life and body after all. However, I do heavily suggest that if you’re considering plastic surgery that you shouldn’t overdo it, and you should only do it if you want to.

It’s an expensive thing to have done, and it can sometimes go wrong.

Not only that but plastic surgery can become addictive.

You could be going in for a nose job but before you know it you’re getting a new nose, a new chin, new boobs, and even a facelift!

So it’s important that you don’t go crazy when having plastic surgery.

But for some people, plastic surgery is their only way of fitting in with everyone else.

Just look at how many people decided to get butt implants when big butts became fashionable.

Well, as time has gone forward a new trend has been introduced.

Professionally sculpted legs have become the latest trend in the market and there are a number of people shelling out thousands of dollars just so they can have designer legs.

Over the past few months, #mermaidthighs has been one of the hottest hashtags out there, it’s a plus size inspirational hashtag which emerged to combat the thigh gaps.

But now it looks like another trend has emerged. Thighlighting is the latest trend, which means we can all go back to hating our legs. What is thighlighting? Glad you asked.


Thighlighting is a collection of plastic surgery procedures which are designed to give someone’s legs a full-on makeover.

Now I hear what you’re saying, a makeover for your legs? How crazy is that?!


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