The Terrifying Reason Your Fingers Wrinkle Whilst You’re In The Bath!

The Terrifying Reason Your Fingers Wrinkle Whilst You’re In The Bath!

While it happens to us all, I imagine none of us really know why it happens! Why do our fingers go wrinkly in hot water?

Is there a reason for it or is it just an oddity? Well, it looks like even the smartest among us don’t really know why it happens.

Scientists believed for a while that it happened due to moisture moving into the outer layer of skin. Turns out, they might be wrong. Like most things, it likely came down to survival of the fittest.

Our evolution is the reason for so much about us after all! How could wrinkly fingers possibly have helped out ancestors survive then? Well, apparently it all comes down to purchase. If you’re grasping for food underwater, you’d need a bit of extra help

This extra help would come through wrinkly fingers!


Blood vessels constrict below the skin due to the autonomic system.

This system is in charge of many of the automatic responses within our bodies, such as our heart-rate, sweating, and breathing.

Just like treads on your car tires, this would’ve helped us grasp at items underwater when that was much more of an important part of our lives!

Now, it seems more like an irritant than anything else!

It’s pretty much an itchy problem that stops us from taking long baths.

It also makes us hurry up the washing, or at the very least get in some marigolds.

That being said, who knows how much our wrinkly fingers may be helping us in the modern day?


Maybe washing up would be so much harder if we didn’t have that extra purchase to grab onto a slippery dish!

I suppose we’re going to have to wait and see what theories people come up with in the future.

That being said, I hope someone is looking into this! Of all the things out there, this is the one I want people looking into.

All images were sourced from TheSun.