Teenager With Millionaire Parents And A 5K Monthly Allowance Reveals Just How Extravagant Her Life Is

Teenager With Millionaire Parents And A 5K Monthly Allowance Reveals Just How Extravagant Her Life Is

How much allowance did you get off your parents when you were young? A buck, maybe $2 per week?

Now that you’re parents, how much do you give your kids? $5 a day? Maybe $20 a week or even more if they have to buy their own lunch at school.

Everything is getting more expensive these days right, and what kids want is changing with the times.

But imagine giving your kids an allowance of almost $7000 A MONTH!

That’s what two British parents are giving their kids when they grant them £5000 every month to keep up an extravagant lifestyle that most kids would turn green with envy just to look at!

I’m not sure about green with envy, but most adults would turn white just thinking about giving their kids that much cash!

But Saffron Drewitt-Barlow has it all; Prada and Burberry clothing, Gucci and Hermes bags, Louis Vuitton accessories, the works!

That’s because the 18-year-old is the daughter of two millionaires, Barrie and Tony Drewitt-Barlow, who became the first gay men in the UK to father children through surrogacy.

Now the self-made millionaires, who grew up in government housing in a poor part of Manchester, UK, don’t let their children Saffron and her twin brother Aspen or younger brother Orlando, or twins Jasper and Dallas, want for anything!

Recently celebrating her 18th birthday, Saffron has revealed just how extravagant her life is thanks to her millionaire family. Her wardrobe reportedly costs £1million, and she owns enough items for her to wear a different pair of shoes and carry a different designer bag every day of the month!

Her collection of jewelry is equally impressive, including a Faberge ring which retails at a cool £400,000.

The teenager, who refers to Barrie as ‘daddy’ and Tony as ‘dad’, is also given £5,000 in pocket money every month.

So what does Saffron have to say about her lavish lifestyle? Surprisingly, she seems pretty grounded!

“I know I am incredibly lucky. Dad and Daddy love the finer things in life, and that’s something they have passed on to me,” she says.

“They have always been incredibly generous and love spoiling my brothers and me. They aren’t afraid to let people see how we live. They’re self-made, and they tell us that if you make your own money then you can choose to spend it how you like”.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by REX/Shutterstock (5320440i)
Saffron Drewitt-Barlow, Barrie Drewitt-Barlow, Aspen Drewitt-Barlow and Tony Drewitt-Barlow
Drewitt-Barlow family photoshoot, Essex – 22 May 2015


It’s a pretty good point! If you had grown up having nothing and then struck it big later in life, wouldn’t you want your kids to benefit from your success?

Saffron has even been told by her parents not to expect the same treatment forever, and that she will have to go out and find a job now that she is becoming an adult!

Although she still enjoys her hefty allowance, she can’t rely on her wealthy parents as they expect her to fund her own lifestyle. Saffron says:

“Daddy sat me down and said that while they love spoiling me, I’m growing up and it’s time for me to get a job. He said he and Dad are self-made millionaires, and they want me to make my own way in life and be as successful as them.”

Wow, that’s bound to be a culture shock for her, but probably one that she needs!

What is her parents’ take on this? Well, Barrie has said:

“We are incredibly proud of all our children, but we’ve told them we intend to leave a lot of our millions to charity as we want our children to get jobs and make their own way in life, just as we did.”

“While we make no apologies for spoiling them, we have also taught them the value of money and we never let them forget where we came from”.

What an incredible family!

Although Barrie and Tony are successful businessmen with a combined wealth of £40 million, they have told their children not to expect any handouts after they’re gone too! Rather than a hefty inheritance, most of their money will be left to charity.

So Saffron has already been busy showing her parents that she can look after herself in the world of work, having launched her own skincare range called Barking Mad Cosmetics.

Not exactly the first weekend job at a fast food restaurant that most teenagers are used to! Her parents did help to set up the company with a £1 million investment, but it’s a loan that will be repaid with her profits.

Barrie says: “Any parent would give their children all the help they can to make a go of things. I don’t want any of my kids to have to work at McDonald’s or mop floors to make ends meet, so I won’t apologise for giving Saffron her first step on the ladder”.

He’s got a point! They really have thought of everything, it seems!

The family currently live in a multi million dollar waterfront property in Florida, in the same neighbourhood as Rihanna, and also own a mansion in Essex, UK.

But as Saffron says herself: “I am not going to be just a rich kid sponging off her parents for the rest of my life”.

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