These Tattoo Horror Stories Will Make You Cringe Forever

These Tattoo Horror Stories Will Make You Cringe Forever

Tattoos are pretty common these days!

Whether it’s making people feel sexier, more intelligent, more rebellious, or just getting something really important to them etched onto their body forever, people get tattoos for a variety of reasons!

It’s thought that around 45 million people in America alone have tattoos… so that’s plenty of opportunity for things to go wrong.

Now most tattoo artists are reputable professionals. Even they make mistakes sometimes, but it’s less common. But when people decide to get cheap tattoos – or even worse, have fun with them – well that’s when the regrets all start.

Bring on some of the worst tattoo nightmares!

I hope this guy got a discount coupon… or maybe even a free tattoo after this!

“While I was getting a tattoo, the guy dropped the gun and it hit my forearm. I now, have 3 permanent dots on my arm.” Well… you could tell everybody it’s your star sign! Gary… the worm.

Passed out friend? Check. Tattoo gun? Oh, lordy.

“I tattooed a W on each of my passed out friends’ butt cheeks so that it would read as ‘Mom’ or ‘Wow’. Talk about a nightmare! They later had it lasered off.”

This guy wanted the perfect tattoo

“It was supposed to say ‘You’re Perfect’, but one of them says ‘Perfcet’. She tried to get it fixed, but the s****y artist did a half job on that too, so you can still tell how ‘Perfcet’ it is.”

Oh the sights that nurses eyes have seen!

“I have a nurse friend who had to give a patient a shot. When they bent over, she noticed that he had hundreds of little flies tattooed on his behind. It looked like a huge swarm. That was probably a bit disturbing.”

I can’t believe it, but this really happened!

“I was hanging out at a tattoo shop where my friend worked. Some guy came in asking to tattoo a fetus on his chest as his wife just had a miscarriage. The guys in the shop flat out refused straight away. Except for one guy who likes to take things a bit too far and figured he’ll do it.”

Always, always, always spell check your own tattoo!

Now I know some of you freaks will be thinking, ‘but you can spell demon with an A and a E!’. Well, it’s the other way around, genius! Daemon, not freakin’ deamon!

Tattoo artists themselves have horror stories as well!

This girl’s tattoo artist told her about a time he was tattooing the Superman symbol on some young guy: “The dude ended up passing out and then vomiting all over himself before running out. He returned an hour later to finish it but he was still dressed in the same clothing. They told him to come back the next day.”

Some tattoo artists have pretty funny ones!

“I gave 2 football players from my school matching smiley face tattoos. One of them was screaming and I felt bad so I took it easy on him and so now it’s faded and looks terrible. The other one came out perfect.”