Studies Show That Husbands Cause More Stress To Women Than Children

Studies Show That Husbands Cause More Stress To Women Than Children

Stress is something we all have to deal with in our everyday lives. There are all kinds of things that can stress you out, your kids, your relationship, your job, your diet, money, they’re all huge stressors in one way or another. But what is the thing that stresses out the mothers amongst us more than anything in the world? A study has just revealed the one thing that causes more stress to moms than anything else, and the results might surprise you.

A survey done by Today has recently revealed it’s results and they have shed some light about what causes the most stress for mothers across the United States. The survey tested 7,000 moms from across the country and asked them to rate their stress levels on a scale of one to ten. The results showed that the average mother rates their stress at a level of 8.5 out of 10, but what exactly is it that’s causing all of the stress to these moms?

Naturally, you would think that the most stressful thing that moms have to deal with would be their children. Cleaning up after them, nurturing them, and keeping them out of trouble is a full time job in itself, but this study shows that the greatest cause of stress to moms isn’t actually their kids – it’s their husbands! 46% of the mothers asked to take this survey revealed that their husbands cause them more stress than their children do, that’s almost half of all of the women surveyed!

The study revealed that most moms become more stressed and irritated when they feel like they don’t have enough time in the day to do all of the things that they need to do. With kids and everything about raising them taking up a significant amount of time and planning, it’s easy to see how any little slip in this schedule can make things stressful for mothers. Add in the fact that 75% of the mothers surveyed thought that they did most of the parenting and household duties in the family and you’ve got a recipe for stress based disaster!

Furthermore, the results from this survey revealed that one in five mothers believe that a significant cause of their high stress levels was lack of help from their partner. Today revealed that one of the mothers who took part in the survey left a comment which read, “Even though I have a committed spouse, I still feel like all the pressure is on ME to get everything done. I work just as many hours as my husband does, but yet I do all the scheduling.” This difference in responsibility levels are the thing that’s really driving mothers crazy!

Some of the other comments from the survey showed that mothers seem to think of their partner as another task to add to their ever growing list. One anonymous commenter wrote, “I am exhausted emotionally and physically when my husband comes home. He feels like another job.” Another commented on the amount of attention her spouse and her child demand from her, saying, “Often times it seems like I am the only adult in my house. My husband and daughter compete with me for my attention.”

More of the anonymous commenters on the survey said that they felt pressure which stemmed from feeling alone in this whole parenting thing. One wrote, “I feel like I am figuring out a lot about parenting on my own without the input of my husband. This stresses me out because when something goes wrong, it is all my fault.” Others felt resentful of the amount of free time their partner gets in comparison to their own, with one commenting, “He gets all the time he wants and I get none. I can’t even take a relaxing bath without my husband bringing the baby to me.”

However, another survey performed by Today revealed that men think they’re just as responsible as women for their children, and simply wish they got more acknowledgement for the work they do around the house. The survey, which tested 1,500 fathers, revealed that two thirds of dads just wanted a little verbal acknowledgement from their partners for their efforts, so it looks like there’s faults on both sides here!

What do you think about the fact that these studies show that husbands cause more stress to women than children do? Do you think this is true, or do you think that it’s the other way around? Let us know what you think in the comments and don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends!