Step Aside Squiggle Brows, Squiggle Lips Is The New And Crazy Makeup Trend

Step Aside Squiggle Brows, Squiggle Lips Is The New And Crazy Makeup Trend

Makeup is pretty incredible.

It can make us look like we’ve actually got a good nights sleep when we’ve barely managed to get four hours.

Makeup can get us party ready in a matter of minutes, making us feel like the Belle of the ball.

It’s a pretty incredible thing that can really transform our lives.

Obviously, you don’t have to wear makeup to feel beautiful or to feel confident about who we are.

But for some people that’s easier said than done. For these people makeup is a way of creating the person who they want to be.

A way to highlight and amplify the features we like, like our cheekbones, eyes, lips, even eyebrows.

If it makes you feel better and it’s not hurting anyone, why shouldn’t you use makeup?

However, makeup can be used for more than just going out to a dinner party or making you look nice for work or special occasions.

We’ve seen our fair share of weird makeup trends over the years, but this latest trend really takes the biscuit!

If you haven’t been on the internet for the past week (if so, what on earth have you been doing?) then you might not have seen squiggle eyebrows.

It’s a weird and funky trend many people have tried.

But now there’s an equally weird trend that’s just hit the makeup scene.

Seriously, these lips are not for the weak of heart, but we promise, you will want to see them.

Hell, you may even be crazy enough to try them at home!

These days we have so many different makeup trends, from ‘carved eyebrows’ to unicorn eyeliner.

There’s even barbed-wire eyebrows! Not only are they a bold method of expressing yourself, but it could be used as a method of defence mechanism against your enemies!

If you think any of these beauty trends are weird, then you haven’t seen anything yet!

New Brow trend??? When you're tired of being basic. Somebody dare me to go out like this 🌊 @melovemealot vibezz

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Squiggle brows basically make you look like your a character straight out of a weird live action Tim Burton movie, and the Internet is loving them!

Squiggle brows have both confused and thrilled everyone on the Internet!

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Just like with every makeup trend, there are some people who love it, and some people who absolutely hate it!

But regardless of how you feel about squiggle brows, they are making their way around Instagram and some of the most famous fashion icons on the Internet are loving them!

Understandably, with the huge of success of squiggle brows, people have started to wonder “What else can I squiggle?”

Ну что по-вейвим бровью😂🙈🙄 А как вам этот инста-тренд?😏😂 #WAVYBROW 🙄😂😏 How do you like this insta-trend?🙈〰〰 〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰 Art Eye ingredients- , eyeshadow- nutcracker sweet smoky eye compact, fluidline- BLACKTRACK , glitter – GOLD 👍🏻 Eyebrows- eyeshadow BRUN, brow gel show off✨ @maccosmetics @maccosmeticsrussia #SONYAMIRO #makeup #makeupartist #makeupinspired #Moscow #Moscowgirl #mua #makeupgirl #beautiful #beauty #beautyblogger #bblogger #maccosmetics #макияжмосква #макияж #визажист #SONYAMIROeye #москва #anastasiabeverlyhills #wavybrows #wavy @wakeupandmakeup @fakeupfix @hudabeauty @vegas_nay @anastasiabeverlyhills

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Well, we’re about to show you the latest makeup squiggle trend!

This is funny…😂 I look weird!!! #wavechallenge🌊 #waveeyebrows #wavyeyebrows #wavylips #waves #wavyhair #waveshair

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I present to you, squiggle lips!

Move over squiggle brows, there is a new trend in town!

Would you? New trend alert! #squigglelips #wavybrows -Cor

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Whether you believe it or not, this is actually a real trend!

I honestly have no idea how they pull it off!

Squiggle lips must require the patience of a saint to get them just right.

But what’s even crazier is when someone has squiggle brows and lips!

While it may be a work of art, I don’t think I’ll be trying to copy it anytime soon!

It’s seriously confusing to look at.

When both the brows and lips are squiggly, it makes you feel like you’re drunk!

While fashion Instagrammers have embraced the trend, others are very against it.

But this is definitely a trend that everyone can agree is insane!

Whether or not you like them, they do look really weird. 

So, how did the Internet react to the squiggle lips when they first them?

While it was a mixed reaction, even people who didn’t like it found it funny!

terdelete tadi 😂😂 repost balik 😂😂 tgh trend kan makeup gitu gaya #squigglelips

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After all, who cares what other people do with their makeup?

Whatever makes them happy! Right?

One cannot only have #squigglebrows . One needs #squigglelips as well, apparently. Today is the day that I officially feel old.

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The squiggle lip trend seems to be rather tongue-in-cheek, poking fun at the recent squiggle brows movement.

But you have to admit that the trend is a work of art!

How do they even do that? I’m amazed!

This squiggly makeup trend is so hypnotic!

The more we look at them, the more amazed we become.

Whether you like them or not, you have to admit they are very impressive!

I can barely put on lipstick, so I could’t imagine trying squiggly lips!

That sounds like a nightmare.

Is it just me or do those squiggly brows remind you of the Queen of Hearts?

Thank goodness it’s not just me!

What do you think about this hilarious makeup trend?

Feel free to let me know in the COMMENTS! I love hearing what you have to say on this!

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