Spooky Footage Shows A ‘Ghost Motorbike’ Speeding Down The Highway With No Rider

Spooky Footage Shows A ‘Ghost Motorbike’ Speeding Down The Highway With No Rider

I know we passed Halloween by a few months ago, but are you ready for a spooky story? Come on, I know you are, who doesn’t like to freak themselves out a bit with a scary story every so often? Well, we’ve recently seen some ghostly video footage that’s made it’s way onto the internet and it’s so creepy that we couldn’t resist sharing it with you! Get ready to freak yourself out and hide under your blankets for a month!

The spooky video was filmed in Malaysia and received over 13,000 shares and 1.5 million views in just 24 hours after it was uploaded to social media. It’s easy to see why it attracted such attention as the short clip features a ghostly motorbike zooming down the highway in the middle of the night without a rider!

The clip starts with a shot of another motorbike rider pausing in the middle of the highway for a photograph, but suddenly another bike appears in the opposite lane. As the bike advances down the road, it becomes clear that the vehicle is moving by itself with no rider visible on the back of it. Here’s the full video of this spooky occurrence…

People on social media were creeped out about this clip and were quick to leave comments about how much it freaked them out. One user commented, Oh my goodness, this is so eerie. I’m getting goosebumps. If it were me, I would turn the throttle to the maximum and get out of there.” Gotta say, I wouldn’t want to stick around either!


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