Simple Exercises You Can Do In The Minutes Before You Go To Bed That Will Make Your Legs Slimmer

Simple Exercises You Can Do In The Minutes Before You Go To Bed That Will Make Your Legs Slimmer

Okay let’s get real here, people. So many of us are on the ‘new year new you’ bandwagon at the moment but how many of us actually want to do that exercise we say we’re going to do? Yeah, that’ll be… let me do a quick count… yep, exactly as I thought, that’s absolutely NONE of us. We know exercise is good for us, we all know that, but it’s just so boring and time consuming! And why would we exercise when we can binge watch our favourite shows on Netflix? I know what I’d rather do!

Okay, so we don’t want to actually do any exercise but we still want to have a fabulous body so we’ve got to do something. That’s why we’ve found some quick and easy exercises that will target your legs and you can get done if you have a little time before you go to bed every night. Your legs will look amazing in no time!

1. Lateral Leg Raises

This exercise looks really easy but you have to keep in the proper position, focusing on keeping the side of your body that’s on the floor, on the floor. You’ll be tempted to lift your lower leg, but this could lead to injuries. Tighten your core muscles and then lift your upper leg and lower it again as smoothly and as controlled as you can and that’s all there is to it! As long as you keep the proper form, you’ll be set. If you find that you’re using your arms when doing this exercise, try resting them on your hips to keep them out of the equation.

2. High Knee Exercises

This exercise is nice and simple, all you have to do is stand with your legs shoulder width apart and raise one knee up towards your chest. Leave it there for a couple of seconds and then lower it again, then repeat this with your other leg. See? Told you it was simple! Just make sure to keep your back straight and your pelvis still or you could strain your back.

This exercise will tone your core muscles, your thighs, your calves and your butt too! And as you’re stood on one leg, it’s a good way to work on improving your balance.


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